Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my favorite accessory.

you guys, since giants season has started i have been getting HUNDREDS (!) of people finding my blog after searching for something along the lines of "pablo sandoval panda hat". this cracks me up, and it's due to this entry.

i started to feel bad though, since you can't even see the hat in those pictures...was i letting my fellow giants fans down by not providing decent info? so, panda hat photoshoot it is:

much better. again, it's from this super great etsy seller, and for $25 i'd say it's a steal! i get tons of compliments on it at at&t park, and it's way better than some of the absolutely terrifying things on the market in panda hat-dom.

so go forth, buy from etsy, and support our favorite giants player! and take some pictures of yourself looking like a fool too. it's fun.

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