Tuesday, June 29, 2010

favorite place no. 12 : lucca deli.

i thought i'd fill you guys in on the BEST deli in san francisco. lucca deli has been on chestnut street in the marina since 1929 - crazy! they are a family-run shop and have the most delicious meats & cheeses, acme sourdough, and homemade pastas.

my favorite lunch {and it's even better to enjoy out on marina green}...turkey with gouda on sourdough, with everything {this is key}, and a limonata. just perfection.

{top & bottom pics by me, middle from lucca's site}

Sunday, June 27, 2010

the flag house.

one of our neighbors hangs a flag from their house at all times. they literally have flags for every occasion - earth day, easter, colorado football, christmas, world peace, etc.

i walked by at the start of the world cup and giggled to see this:

i should have known. love it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

photoshoot : cronin fam

i spent a sunny father's day in stockton, taking photos of one of my fave families.

dads and daughters...too cute.
baby paige is so sweet!
couldn't forget to get cassie {the pooch} in the mix too.
so much fun with this crew! part 2 of the shoot {exclusively little miss paige} coming up later...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

and i'm off...

i am currently on my way to this beautiful land to have some adventures for the next couple weeks!

i have scheduled some fun posts while i'm gone, so keep checking back!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

north beach festival.

from june to september, san francisco has street festivals nearly every weekend. on saturday, roomie and i went to north beach to experience the revelry {see last year here!}.

despite only taking a handful of pictures at this year's, i managed to get about 12 angles of the ridiculously amazing pizza we had for lunch. caramelized onions, whole garlic cloves, rosemary, and parmesan. mmmm.

we will be back next year {if only for the food}.

Monday, June 21, 2010

packing light.

after my massage appointment was canceled today {grrrr...i wrote an embittered yelp review}, i spent the morning doing laundry and packing for my trip. i decided that i could make it on just a carry-on suitcase and purse. after all, i just need dresses and bathing suits, right?

this is way. more. challenging. than i thought. i am apparently vain, and can't imagine wearing the same thing more than once. plus, we know i'll need to retain some room for the inevitable shopping that will go on. i like souvenirs, people.

i am off to sit on my suitcase again. wish me luck.

{picture of the lovely audrey hepburn here}

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy dad's day!

i have the greatest parents on earth!
today i'm sending my dad an extra large virtual hug,
all the way to texas.

Friday, June 18, 2010

work goodbye party!

after my last day of work we hit up palomino {my fave on embarcadero} for drinks, yummy food, and the nba finals {no comment on the results}. started out with casual poses...

a few drinks in it was more like "noooo don't gooooo!"
haha...love this pic.

now i'm enjoying a few days off before i jet off to europe...what a life!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

julie's baby shower!

my darling long-time bestie, miss julie, is having a baby this summer! on sunday, my good girlfriends from sac and i held a shower for her, with a children's book/fairy tale theme.

mary and jackie, the other shower planners, with jules.the decor was made up of stacks of classic books, with jackie's incredible homemade bows on top. each guest also brought their favorite childhood book for julie - great idea, right? i brought corduroy and goodnight san francisco.

all of the food was themed to go with kid's stories...below we have peter rabbit's vegetable garden and little miss muffins, and there was also three little pigs in a blanket, chinese chicken little salad, jack and the beanstalk green bean salad, three blind mice cheese tray, etc.

there were 4 expectant mothers there, so we had them do a baby food blind taste test. they haaaated me for buying the pureed meat ones. mwahaha.
so they reverted to smelling, not tasting. cheaters!we played a fill-in-the-nursery-rhyme game.
and mary made the cutest favors - the baby girl's name is reese, so these were little boxes of reese's pieces.
me with the future mama at the end of the day! {i'm wearing this dress!}

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

breakfast, lunch & dinner.

currently obsessed with...
they are SO delicious right now, and one of the things i look forward to with summer starting {watermelon being a close #2}. last week i went through 3 jumbo bags, and i'm right on track again. yum!

Monday, June 14, 2010

giants plate to plate 5k.

at the start of this busy weekend was the giants plate to plate 5k that the girls and i were running. we kicked it off on friday night with "runner's night" at at&t park with timmy on the mound...and an orange hair giveaway:

scary. and, games are a little less exciting when you have a 5:30am wakeup call looming the next morning.

we got our numbers and shoe tags ready in the parking lot on the morning of the race, and boy was it hot {for sf standards, anyway}. note misha's homemade #1 medal below.

and as you can see, we all finished alive! best part was running the last bit from embarcadero into the stadium and tromping across center and left field to the finish line. i pretended i was andres torres going for a catch. i'm lame.

we also got to cross home plate, but it was about a 15-minute wait to get through the line to do so. a guy proposed to his girlfriend as they crossed it...like, way to steal everyone's thunder, guy. we just ran 3.1 miles and are feeling pretty dang proud. now you have to go propose?? ;)

we also got snazzy medals that i insisted on sporting in the office for 3 minutes. yep, big winners.

Friday, June 11, 2010

bay bridge series.

this weekend it is
giants vs. a's

only this bridge separates these two rivals. last time we didn't fare so well {eek}. here's hoping for some giants victories!

{photo taken on my way back from happy hour last night. this city is lovely.}

drumroll please...

i got a new job!
{if you are a facebook friend or a twitter follower, you are painfully aware of this.
sorry for my insane excitement.}

no more music industry for me, now it's into the fabulous online industry, and i could not be more excited. yes, i'm sure miss the shows, concerts, and general excitement, but there are definite stresses that come along with this type of industry {i'm talking sleepless nights worrying about gaga's health and beyonce's crazy fans. no fun}. and i get to enjoy my trip with no blackberry + no stress.

the best part? i got my job within a week of cody's new job! and then our friend bobby got one this week! jobs for everyone! i love exclamation points!

i'll leave you with an ichat screencap indicating intense glee...cody with the rollercoaster background and me wondering what the hell is happening.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

photoshoot : paolo + carlo

in all of the excitement surrounding the past weekend, i have neglected to post a shoot with the most darling boys, paolo and carlo.

do those eyes just slay you?

i met up with this cute family {related to the amazing colin + rosalie} right before a giants game in a nearby park. i heartily approve of the orange theme, and i love carlo's jersey!

the boys showing off their climbing skills during the hazy "magic hour" where the sun dips low...

carlo is so handsome...tee hee.

and paolo...squeezable!

plus, captain awesome {colin} was there to make sure the playground was as fun as could be!
this shoot was waaay too much fun {and the giants won the game}!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

shower favors : flowers & teacups.

the favors i made for danelle's bridal shower were fab {if i do say so myself}. in fact, i think this was my favorite part of the planning process.

they were all wrapped up and looked like this at the tea:

i wanted to stick with our tea party/alice in wonderland feel and not break the bank on these. i bought a whole bunch of darling vintage tea cups by calling ahead to several thrift/vintage stores in the mission...luckily found one who had just taken in estate sale leftovers.

i mixed/matched the styles and patterns for a shabby chic style. aren't they cute?

then i used a bunch of random lightweight/sheer fabric i had left from other projects to make flower hair clips, with different vintage buttons in the center.

these are simple to make {put on a good movie/glee ep and go to town!}: just cut out rough petal shapes, lightly singe the edges with a candle {uhh don't pay attention to the movie in this part...focus on the open flame!} which will help them curl up a little, stack the petals, and gather in the center.

i sewed a generic hair clip to a small swatch of stiff fabric, then attached to the back.

when my flowers were done, i put a handful of kisses in each tea cup...

then covered with the sweet little hair ornament!

pretty cute, huh?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

danelle's bachelorette party!

after the gorgeous shower we all headed down to union square to get ready for the bachelorette. we were headed to slide, a "speakeasy" type club that actual has an old wooden slide that you can use as an entrance down the action!

we were staying in a hotel nearby, so we had plenty of time to get ready, eat a great dinner {and kara's cupcakes}, and of course, get in the spirit.

i got all the girls pink martini glasses and wrote their names in silver pen, with a humongous fake diamond engagement ring inside.
heather and i set up little stations throughout our hotel room with fun treats and bachelorette games. we also had about 400 pink and black balloons that kept scaring the bellman as he brought up bags, ice, etc.
it was such a fun night, though we decided we're getting too old {or should i say "mature"} to watch all of the crazy people flailing about on the dance floor. check out tomoko's face below.

fabulous times with the girls!