Friday, June 11, 2010

drumroll please...

i got a new job!
{if you are a facebook friend or a twitter follower, you are painfully aware of this.
sorry for my insane excitement.}

no more music industry for me, now it's into the fabulous online industry, and i could not be more excited. yes, i'm sure miss the shows, concerts, and general excitement, but there are definite stresses that come along with this type of industry {i'm talking sleepless nights worrying about gaga's health and beyonce's crazy fans. no fun}. and i get to enjoy my trip with no blackberry + no stress.

the best part? i got my job within a week of cody's new job! and then our friend bobby got one this week! jobs for everyone! i love exclamation points!

i'll leave you with an ichat screencap indicating intense glee...cody with the rollercoaster background and me wondering what the hell is happening.

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