Monday, June 14, 2010

giants plate to plate 5k.

at the start of this busy weekend was the giants plate to plate 5k that the girls and i were running. we kicked it off on friday night with "runner's night" at at&t park with timmy on the mound...and an orange hair giveaway:

scary. and, games are a little less exciting when you have a 5:30am wakeup call looming the next morning.

we got our numbers and shoe tags ready in the parking lot on the morning of the race, and boy was it hot {for sf standards, anyway}. note misha's homemade #1 medal below.

and as you can see, we all finished alive! best part was running the last bit from embarcadero into the stadium and tromping across center and left field to the finish line. i pretended i was andres torres going for a catch. i'm lame.

we also got to cross home plate, but it was about a 15-minute wait to get through the line to do so. a guy proposed to his girlfriend as they crossed, way to steal everyone's thunder, guy. we just ran 3.1 miles and are feeling pretty dang proud. now you have to go propose?? ;)

we also got snazzy medals that i insisted on sporting in the office for 3 minutes. yep, big winners.

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