Wednesday, June 16, 2010

julie's baby shower!

my darling long-time bestie, miss julie, is having a baby this summer! on sunday, my good girlfriends from sac and i held a shower for her, with a children's book/fairy tale theme.

mary and jackie, the other shower planners, with jules.the decor was made up of stacks of classic books, with jackie's incredible homemade bows on top. each guest also brought their favorite childhood book for julie - great idea, right? i brought corduroy and goodnight san francisco.

all of the food was themed to go with kid's stories...below we have peter rabbit's vegetable garden and little miss muffins, and there was also three little pigs in a blanket, chinese chicken little salad, jack and the beanstalk green bean salad, three blind mice cheese tray, etc.

there were 4 expectant mothers there, so we had them do a baby food blind taste test. they haaaated me for buying the pureed meat ones. mwahaha.
so they reverted to smelling, not tasting. cheaters!we played a fill-in-the-nursery-rhyme game.
and mary made the cutest favors - the baby girl's name is reese, so these were little boxes of reese's pieces.
me with the future mama at the end of the day! {i'm wearing this dress!}


The McKiernan's said...

adorable shower ideas! So creative and all you girls look great!

Tiffani said...

How fun! So excited for all the new mommas especially Julie!

the southern hostess said...

What a cute shower! Great job!