Wednesday, June 9, 2010

shower favors : flowers & teacups.

the favors i made for danelle's bridal shower were fab {if i do say so myself}. in fact, i think this was my favorite part of the planning process.

they were all wrapped up and looked like this at the tea:

i wanted to stick with our tea party/alice in wonderland feel and not break the bank on these. i bought a whole bunch of darling vintage tea cups by calling ahead to several thrift/vintage stores in the mission...luckily found one who had just taken in estate sale leftovers.

i mixed/matched the styles and patterns for a shabby chic style. aren't they cute?

then i used a bunch of random lightweight/sheer fabric i had left from other projects to make flower hair clips, with different vintage buttons in the center.

these are simple to make {put on a good movie/glee ep and go to town!}: just cut out rough petal shapes, lightly singe the edges with a candle {uhh don't pay attention to the movie in this part...focus on the open flame!} which will help them curl up a little, stack the petals, and gather in the center.

i sewed a generic hair clip to a small swatch of stiff fabric, then attached to the back.

when my flowers were done, i put a handful of kisses in each tea cup...

then covered with the sweet little hair ornament!

pretty cute, huh?


Nandini said...

where do you come up with this stuff?! Amazing!

Danelle said...

TOTALLY adorable and perfect!! i love these so much and will forever treasure my sweet little teacup and clip...yes, you are amazing. :)

the mvp said...

seriously, who are you? how do you have the time for this?