Monday, June 7, 2010

danelle's bridal shower : crown & crumpet!

we had the most perfect weekend with danelle's bridal shower and bachelorette! our first stop on saturday morning was the amazing crown & crumpet.

our table:
to die for, right? and the sweet bride on her throne:
every detail was so gorgeous {and i'll do a separate post about the favors that i made!}
heather and me:
pink champagne!
the queen even showed up:
...more than once.

the food was amazing:
and we played a little game:
danelle was frantically trying to recall that brent's childhood pet was named She-Ra:
we ate way too much dessert.
and open gifts by the fireplace:
tomoko made the bow bouquet, and i posed with the bride!
on our way out we took some pictures in ghirardelli, and then got ready for the evening.
bachelorette post to come...


CECELIA said...

looks like such a fun day! can you tell me more about the game you played? im maid of honor for my cousin and I need fun games for the bachelorette party!

my email is

the southern hostess said...

So much girly fun! I love it.