Thursday, July 8, 2010

athens! we go. you guys, i have so many pictures. i have been procrastinating the sorting/formatting/blogging/facebooking all week {i had 3 memory cards from 3 separate cameras - egads}, but i buckled down for at least one of our stops: ATHENS!

can you guess which one of us just traveled for 19 hours, and which one for 3 hours? yeah, i look sleepy.

however, my personal theory on jet lag is basically to ignore it. so, we checked in to our hotel and hit the ground running, exploring the lovely plaka neighborhood.

they really want to help you find the acropolis. looking up helps? it is seriously huge.

we win!

i can always tell later when i liked a certain building a lot, cause i'll have 54 pictures of it. the caryatids were my girls.

just laughing it up on the hilltop. we love greece!

it was warm and we weren't really thinking about the fact that we'd basically be hiking around, getting sweaty and being generally un-glamorous. thank goodness we had the opportunity for an $8 frozen lemonade. delicious!

we headed back to our hotel to shower {a frequent afternoon occurrence on this trip due to a combo of heat & activity} and wandered through the cutest streets.

our hotel had a roof bar with a fantastic view of the acropolis {we wanted to spend a lot of time with it that day} so we enjoyed some greek wine before dinner.

and then off to a taverna for dinner and ouzo! ouzo is a greek alcohol that tastes like black mix it with cold water for a cloudy grey appearance. i realize that nothing could sound grosser, but it's actually good.

day 2 began with a stroll through the former royal gardens.

we stopped for a frappe for me {blended coffee/milk/ice with rock sugar} and a watermelon juice for misha.

my fave picture:

after some wandering we took the cable car {not the ONLY one of the trip, randomly} up lycabettus hill, the highest point in the city. there is a darling teeny church on top.

nice view. i enjoy how pensive i look. in actuality, i'd probably sat down because i had a blister or something, but we can roll with it.

that night it was back to the vibrant plaka for our first {and like the cable car, certainly not the last} gelato experience. SO GOOD.

our best friend costas, who supplied us with more food and drink than we could imagine.

a final view of the gorgeous lit-up acropolis. we loved athens!

next: onto santorini...!


missysoupy said...

Ok. SO jealous.

Love the little white church... Looks like you girls had the trip of a lifetime!

traveler said...

It looks like you are having a gr8 time in Greece. Love all your pictures!!

mipopster said...

Hi Kelly, Misha told me totake a pic at the pics; they are great and you're a good story teller. If you have time, please call us at 221-4878. We would love to hear from you. Any more pics ? Michael Popescu