Thursday, July 22, 2010

danelle + brent's wedding weekend!!

what do you do when your best friend gets married??
why, you travel to san diego, have the time of your life, and totally forget to take TONS of pics!

ok, ok, i do have a decent amount of pictures, but i was kicking myself later that i didn't take more. i think i was too busy drinking wine, giggling with my best friends, and dancing with my cute boy. life is amazing.

let's start with the rehearsal dinner - after some serious aisle-walking instructions from danelle's darling g-pa we headed to the most beautiful estate in murietta.

two cute about to tie the knot, one newly engaged!

the most delish mexican food...seriously amazing paired with danelle's mom's margaritas. i'm glad everyone associated with this wedding enjoys eating.
bridesmaids on the loose!
a lovely part of our cute bags of goodies from the bride.
...cut to the next morning. breakfast, excitement, and off to primp and preen. kelly's fiance requested that she get cornrows, so she tried to abide.
loved our cute makeup artist.
she's almost ready...
suuuuper cheesy! we loved it.
most gorgeous bride ever, don't you think?
from nicky's camera...she's in a kelly sandwich.
making sure that the dress could handle the dip for the first kiss. seriously, this is why you have bridesmaids.
a nicky photo: me crying pre-ceremony. i know, i'm ridic. i just love her.
the wedding bands! i got to wear these on my finger for about an hour. i was terrified.
one final call to the groom-to-be right before the ceremony.
...and then there was a ceremony. unfortunately it's frowned upon to be a maid of honor with a large camera in hand during the proceedings. no fun. i will say that they both referenced mac & cheese during their vows, so it was awesome.

the ceremony and reception took place at callaway winery, which is so gorgeous. and cody did a really great job at becoming best friends with the other dates so that we didn't feel TOO guilty about being away from them all day. yay:

kelly and i wanted a photo shoot too.
i LOVED our dresses. this is a legit "you can wear this again", which is rare. they are j.crew cotton cady dresses in "spiced wine".

kelly loves me {and the champagne may have kicked in}:
the reception was in the barrel room - so cool!
and my engagement pics decorated the wine bottles. i felt so proud.
they also showed a hilarious slide show, which we all loved.
so then i guess i put my camera down to have some fun! wine, cupcakes, cody leading danelle's extended family in a conga was all there. really the greatest wedding ever.

and at breakfast the next morning, these two cuties wore the shirts i made them {sorry for the iphone pic}:



Nandini said...

I hate that i missed this... it all looks so lovely and perfect and (dare i say it?) grown up! Does this mean we're grown ups now?!

Danelle said...

Kel this made me so happy...I could relive this over and over and over again. Such an unbelievably amazing weekend. Ah I love you SO MUCH!! And Nandini we missed you tons! But I don't think we're all THAT grown up yet, don't worry. :)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Seriously SUCH cute pictures!!

Emma said...

what a gorgeous wedding!!

A Blog In The Life Of Krystal... said...

what beautiful wedding photos!! i love the t-shirts & wine bottle labels! thanks for sharing.

oh, and cute blog :)