Thursday, July 15, 2010


our last stop of the trip was beautiful istanbul! i was tempted to do another bachelor/ette post like my san francisco one, because truly, everything ali and her harem of men did on their dates in istanbul, we did {watch that episode here}.

everything is so grand and intricate, it's amazing to look up and see it all looming.

the bosphorous river runs through the city, separating the european and asian sides of the country.

we got in late at night, so after a night's rest we headed down to sultanhamet. our first stop was the spice bazaar - truly amazing.

you can even get any kind of fresh fruit juice squeezed for you on the street.

we headed into the grand bazaar, unsure of what to expect. it is magical.

it is also INSANE how much you are approached by used car salesman-esque men peddling scarves, rugs, jewelry, lamps, etc. and unfortunately, as a blonde, i got the brunt of it. my favorite things screamed at me were "gold lady", "yellow angel", and "SHAKIRA!" yep, shakira.

{misha was good at bargaining.}

another sidenote: if you like anthropologie, you would have died. everything is stunningly anthro-esque, at like 1/10 the price. so tempting.

after a few hours in the bazaar, we needed some refreshment. this apple tea is the most amazing thing on earth.

some of the bracelets purchased in the bazaar.

after lunch we walked over to the blue mosque and hagia sofia.

inside the blue mosque:

misha in her "modest is hottest" garmets:

there's a gorgeous park in between.

unfortunately {and upon reflection, hilariously}, misha "took a spill" on our way in to the hagia sofia. i seriously thought she broke her ankle and was frantically wracking my brain on how to call a turkish ambulance. luckily she ended up with some bumps and bruises {and note the busted sunglasses}, but no permanent physical damage. i am shocked that i wasn't the one to bail, since normally i own that category of public humiliation.

the inside is stunningly beautiful.

my halo...ha:

legend has it that if you stick your finger in this hole and it comes out wet, your ailments will be cured. mine came out dry. so did this kid's:

after the sites, we decided to go to a turkish bath. the most famous in the world is the cagaloglu hamam {yes, this is where the bachelorette went too}, which has been in tons of movies and commercials. seemingly normal, right?

umm, no. slightly scary. imagine a large turkish woman telling you to strip down and let her wash your hair and give you a somewhat frightening public massage. GOOD TIMES! haha. we seriously laughed so hard during this whole experience. and it was an experience.

plus, great footwear.

after cleaning up, we hit the town in beyoglu, and even watched another world cup game.

the next day we did a bosphorous cruise.

the super cool fortress:

our last lunch in istanbul, on the galata bridge.

so delicious!

...and that concluded our trip!
{or so i thought.}

i had quite the nightmare getting home, but it was worth it for the amazing time we had. i can't wait to go back...especially the greek islands. trip of a lifetime indeed!


Misha said...

Awe Kel, it was such an amazing trip and I'm so glad we experienced it together!!


the southern hostess said...

What an incredible trip! Thanks for sharing all the little details. Now I feel like I was there.