Monday, July 12, 2010


so we started in athens, proceeded to santorini,
and then ferried on over to...mykonos!

mykonos is another gorgeous island - full of high-end shopping, crazy party beaches, windmills, and more amazing white buildings. our hotel was AMAZING, especially the hilariously great owner, panos, who made sure our every wish was granted {hotel aeolos}!

view from our room:

the bar/lounge:

we went out to explore the maze-like streets and huge windmills.

more great sunsets here!

our first dinner here was at a breathtaking outdoor taverna that was under a canopy of pink flowers. it was so magical.

...and got even better as the night came!

we strolled, shopped, and then found some gelato down by little venice.

the yachts:

mykonos was amazing because the majority of our time we did this:

...and never felt guilty about it! it was so relaxing, and i even read 3 books. we also discovered god's gift to embarrassing girly drinks, watermelon bacardi breezers. seriously, heaven.

our typical day was breakfast, lounging at the pool for hours, then venturing into town for some strolling, shopping, and eating.
how divine.

mykonos is also famous for pelicans, and one of our lunch spots had two as pets. misha was unhealthily obsessed with them. hah.

this lunch place ALSO delivered baby ice cream bars after the meal, so we loved them.

another one of our fave restaurants:

with another great frappe.

one night we ventured to the infamous clubs, but we could not hang with the timing - nothing gets started until after 2am. old ladies, i tell you.

my favorite day here was visiting the famous beach club, PARADISE! it's on the other side of the island from the main town, so you can take a bus or boat to get there. you rent an umbrella and chairs for 6 euro and spend the day sunning, swimming, getting fruity drinks delivered, and listening to loud music from the main club.

so much fun!

one of our last expeditions on this trip was visiting the famous windmills:

and that was about the time that i realized my hair was starting to resemble ke$ha, what with the saltwater, sun, and wind. oh well!

then we hopped on a plane one more time, off to istanbul!

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