Saturday, July 10, 2010


are you ready for my favorite part of our trip? after leaving athens, we hopped on a 20-minute flight {literally} to santorini. their airport is the size of my apartment, with humorous donkey "taxi" statues.

as soon as we got out of our cab in firastefani, it was just STUNNING. i really think santorini is the most beautiful place i've ever been.

don't you agree? we walked down the path on the caldera into the heart of fira and had an amazing lunch.

around every corner there was something more beautiful...

back at our hotel, we were AMAZED that we had a jacuzzi built in to the side of the cliff. seriously...heaven.

before walking down to the city, we tried our hand at greek beer.

and enjoyed the start of one of the famous sunsets.

on our walk to watch the usa/ghana world cup game:

the view of fira and a cruise ship at night.

the next day should hereby be referred to as BEST DAY EVER. we took the cable car down from the cliffs to the port:


and hung around while we waited for our boat.

we boarded and we were off for the day! our itinerary: visit the volcano and take a hike, head over to the hot springs, visit a teeny fishing island named thirassia, and then end the day in oia.

the weather was perfect...boat was perfect...view was perfect.

so, this "volcano hike". we were anticipating some roaming, photos, etc, not a 45-minute trek uphill on narrow paths, rocky/slippery terrain, in crazy heat. FUN!

here we are at the end.

but! all smiles back on the boat.

my favorite part of the day was jumping into the aegean from the side of the boat - too fun!

there i am {sorry for the hitler arm, i was trying to wave in a friendly manner}. the water was SO SALTY. i can still taste it.

post-swim, misha's captain hat and a coke. "i'm so american right now!"

we then stopped at thirassia for another amazing meal. grilled swordfish with lemon, tomato balls, beer...yum!

we did NOT opt for octopus.

our new friend from the boat, patrick!

after a bit more time on the water, we approached oia {the other main town on santorini, on the tip of the island}.

see how you dock in the port and then need to somehow mount that massive cliff to the town? well, there's a shuttle bus, orrrrrr:


once again, we assumed this was a leisurely, safe thing to do {they don't want to kill all the tourists, do they?} well, we failed to see that after you mount your sweet lil donk, the greek man busts out a WHIP and yells at them "AUHDSKLDSIGKKL!!" and they start SPRINTING like it's the kentucky derby. sprinting UP A CLIFF!

{i really got to know that man's cheeseburger in paradise shirt}

note misha's blurry selfie. the blur is due to MOTION.

now note this blurry picture of how close these donks come to throwing you over the cliff. we were laughing/screaming/crying the whole way.

and, as you may have predicted, i did not die. thank you, my donkey friend.

we are happy to be alive right here:

with the uphill race we didn't get to appreciate how CRAZY beautiful oia is. it is quieter than fira and possibly even more stunning.

patrick had been in oia the night before and new of this secret bar that had a prime spot for the sunset. yes!

one of the most gorgeous nights ever.

seriously. best day ever.

after all of that excitement, we wanted a relaxing day. we took the bus to kamari beach, which is a black sand beach {they should probably call it black pointy rocks, based on how comfortable it was}. however, it was another perfect day, so how could we complain?

misha loooves beer:

we said goodbye to santorini the next morning and boarded the ferry to mykonos! more adventures to come...


Julie C. said...

Love all your outfits, the BEAUTIFUL scenery and pictures, but especially LOVE the donkeys (and the fact that you called them donks)...!

Misha said...

OMG. This was amazing to re-live right now. Gosh that boat day WAS the best day ever....