Wednesday, August 4, 2010

susie cakes.

i am sad to report that one of my san francisco favorites, miette, closed down its chestnut st. location a couple months ago.

a new shop has popped up in its place, and i was a little skeptical. who is this susie cakes, and can their cupcakes compete with miette's legendary macaroons? i decided to try it out/do a little photoshoot. i couldn't decide on one dessert {naturally}, so here are my thoughts on two.

whoopie pie: ridiculous. soft cookies, rich vanilla buttercream inside, and basically enough sugar to make a family of 5 hyper. i took 2 bites after the photos and i am pretty sure it wired me for about 8 hours.

red velvet cupcake: recommended by the shop, and they were right. cream cheese frosting, perfectly textured cupcake...just heavenly.

while susie cakes is not a favorite {yet}, i would recommend this if you're needing something sweet in the marina. but i shall continue to mourn the miette macaroons...

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