Wednesday, September 29, 2010

favorite place no. 13 : nick's crispy tacos.

if you love:

delicious tacos smothered in guacamole...

snuggling in a booth with friends...

and insanely garish red velvet decor & glistening chandeliers...

boy do i have the place for you!

nick's crispy tacos is one of the first places i came to when i moved to san francisco, since i was staying with lauren in her apartment just a few blocks away. it is somewhat of an institution, with lines that easily grow to hold 30+ people.

the food is yummy, the crowd always bustling, and the location perfect for a cheap meal before a night out for music/bars on polk. the cash-only situation is remedied thanks to a walgreens {"uhhh $20 cash back on a pack of gum, please?"} across the street.

we headed over on friday and were able to pounce on a booth and settle in with our margaritas right away - what a great omen for the night!

delicious meal and fabulous girls night. we love nick's!

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like fun! LOVE YOUR BLOG :)