Thursday, September 9, 2010

moo cards!

i wanted to make some new business cards for my photography gig, but wasn't sure where i could find something creative, fun, and relevant {i don't think photographers REALLY need super-expensive letterpressed cards, and that's pretty much the only cute stuff around!}

enter moo cards - how great are these?

{ohhh the irony of a grainy iphone pic while discussing my photo skills, sigh}

you can use your existing flickr account to choose your favorite photos, create the text side of the card, and then they send you a mixture of gorgeous, glossy photo business cards. very cute, huh! these would even be fun calling cards for a family or etsy business. i highly recommend!

1 comment:

Mrs. G said...

I totally made this collage for Ryan for our anniversary this year! Love moo cards!