Thursday, September 30, 2010

newborn photoshoot : connor

remember this adorable maternity shoot with ashley & brad?

well, guess what...

he's here! {funny how that works}. connor is such a handsome little guy - and look at those dark baby blues.
we set up a little shoot for this sweet babe at ashley & brad's awesome san francisco home. i think connor enjoyed sprawling out on the fur for the ladies.
brad is a die-hard arkansas fan, so we had to bring that into the mix {i guarantee i will stage giants-themed shoots for my future offspring, so i fully support starting them young. fan for life!}
connor is incredibly good-natured and was totally rolling with the outfit/prop changes. we had to bust out his mama's skateboard, since that was such a fun part of ashley's shoot!
as we wound down the shoot, connor let us know his modeling gig was complete. just as handsome with the eyes closed, don't you agree?
congratulations, ashley & brad! connor is just as darling as his parents.


Mrs. G said...

OMG...sign me up...soo deliciously adorable!

The Fine Family said...

you are the best kelly! thank you for the beautiful photos and the kind words. you are so very talented! can't wait to take more :)