Tuesday, September 14, 2010

on lily's 3rd birthday...

a list of reasons why i LOVE my niece, with accompanying photo proof.

1. you are cool with silly costumes {and auntie smooches}
2. you are adventurous. who needs floaties?3. you let your parents and i put you in a hamper once, just cause it was funny. thanks for being a good sport.
4. you are super stylish.
5. you also have awesome pigtails.
6. you are a skilled performer. i've never seen such a good dance moves!
7. you know how to share.
8. you totally have the pensive look down.
9. you are a total texan {which kills me too sometimes, since your mom and i are california girls!}
10. you made me an amazing birthday cake this year for MY birthday!11. you are still willing to let me snuggle. yay.
happy birthday, little lady! i love you.

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