Friday, September 24, 2010

reasons to love this week.

1. the return of glee/the addition of this new cast member:

who are you, sir, and where did you get those lips? we were stunned into silence every time he was on screen. then we looked him up and saw he was on something called "icarly", aka he's probably dating miley cyrus or selena/demi gomez/whatever, and now im officially an old lady.

2. the fact that my darling friend heather's work ID came with an INSANELY DRASTIC misspelling.

whooooo is named meatmer?! and yeah, i blacked out some of the lines to keep her info private, though i'm not sure anyone could find her if they're searching for MEATMER. good lord this made me laugh. sorry heather.

3. the return of the tootsie roll halloween variety pack {cue fanfare}.
we've talked before about how much i love these.

4. my friend julie's email of photos she took from the same exact spot in february and august. san francisco, it's like it's permanently opposite day with your crazy weather antics.

have a happy weekend! hope you laughed like i did this week.
{mostly at meatmer, clearly.}

1 comment:

Julie C. said...

OMG.. Meatmer!! I read this in bed at 3am and couldn't stop giggling... Hilarious.