Friday, September 10, 2010

shirin + milaad

happy friday! i am excited to spend a whole weekend in san francisco for the first time in ages. yay. i've been having so much fun but my sleep schedule {and laundry pile} are suffering.

i spent labor day weekend down in lovely southern california for a college roomie/sorority sis/hilarious gal shirin's wedding. it was held at the stunning balboa bay club in newport beach.

the ceremony was gorgeous!
and the inside of the grand ballroom was...well...incredibly grand.
strategizing for the buffet.

my ucsd loves!
the huge stage where there were dance performances, a live band {including a dreamy sax player, just saying}, and DJ.
the cake was bigger than steve!
the best part? every wedding guest danced. it was awesome.
congrats, shirin & milaad!

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