Monday, October 11, 2010

the bachelorette.

i am huge fan of the bachelor/bachelorette programming {made pretty clear by this crazy bachelor-in-sf post, and when misha and i accidentally recreated ali's istanbul date}.

so when we ran into the lovely bachelorette ali in a bar in the marina, we were more than a little enthused. she was gracious with our questions {"where's roberto? can we see your ring? was it amazing filming the season? WE LOVE YOU" etc...i.e. total psychos} and seemed to be having a great time.

{note my hand-holding...whoops. too happy.}

the most hilarious part was just how big of a celeb she was to the throngs of 20-something females at the bar. i guess the marina is pretty much the show's exact demographic. anyway, thanks to ali for being a sport and letting us be superfans. so much fun!

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The McKiernan's said...

how awesome! sooo... what'd she say about Roberto?!