Monday, October 25, 2010

boston trip: the sights

i had so many fantastic pictures from boston...mostly of leaves. what can i say, we californians get REALLY excited about any sort of visual seasonal change, since san francisco looks pretty much the same in winter or summer. here are the sights from our few days...

giggling our way down the street...this was a regular occurrence.

rip, paul revere. you done good.

who drinks beer at 11am? we do! especially when there are blueberries floating in it, that's practically a smoothie.

so, so excited for a fenway park tour.

the world series ball - wow.
looking jet lagged on the green monster.

and for our grand finale, heading out for the evening into the chilly nor'easter cold, and so fun.
boston, i will be back!

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the southern hostess said...

Such fantastic pictures! Makes me wish I was there.