Friday, October 8, 2010

game 1.

i hope you guys care {even a smidgen} about the giants, because that's what this little san francisco/photography blog has suddenly become devoted to. it's just SO EXCITING that i want you all to share in the giant bear hug {pun!} that is this giants season.

last night was game 1 of the playoffs, and we were there!

note that fence behind us. yep, we were at the tippity-top of the ballpark. but you know what, it sure didn't matter when we were screaming along with 43,000 of our best friends.

i'd also never really sat on that side of the park, so i snapped some photos with the gorgeous view that happened during the game.

we won {thank you tim lincecum}, and best of all...we will be back here for game 2 tonight! yay.

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