Tuesday, November 9, 2010

guilty pleasure.

during this off-season for america's my favorite trashy reality tv, the bachelor/bachelorette franchise, i have to get my fix from other places.

my absolute fave involves these flexible gals:

yes, folks, i cannot get enough of dallas cowboys cheerleaders: making the team. my sister and i watched this in marathon form after she gave birth to lily {random memory alert}, so for the past few years i have grown to LOVE this show.

leading the helm of my adoration is the illustrious kelli mcgonagill finglass, the dcc's chairwoman/leader/director. she is one half southern belle, one half blunt taskmaster, and we love her for this.
her other half is judy {no last name, at least, not that i remember}, who exists so kelli can whisper snide comments during auditions {these comments are always true} and who heads up more of the "dance" side of things. i would pee my pants if these two judged me at any activity.

the show is addictive, and after a few episodes you will become a weird curator of all things dcc. when monday night football is on, i can recite fun facts about the cowboys' stadium layout, locker rooms, suite levels, and jumbotron specs. i could probably bust out a routine or two due to the repetition of moves that are drilled into our head.

and most importantly, i can sure as hell tell who is getting cut for a low kick. mmhmm, sister.
this gem airs on CMT on fridays at 9pm.


Katie said...

Ha ha ha... love that you posted about DCC. I am still also obsessed with the show! Hopefully they'll have one on the Friday after Thanksgiving and we can watch it together. :)

Mrs. G said...

OMG...you and me both...haha!

Nandini said...

this may be one of my favorite posts thus far. and there are many to compete with. love you and miss you!

Julie C. said...

My TiVo is set for Friday!