Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving memories.

happy thanksgiving!

i'm enjoying a lovely one with my family in texas after the craziest week ever. it felt so good to sleep in today, lounge around the house in PJs, and have love actually playing in the background.

my friend laura reminded me of one of my favorite thanksgivings ever, a few months after i'd moved to london and all my american friends and i decided we needed to celebrate properly! i dug out the pictures to tell the story...

this was my cute apartment building in notting hill:
...unfortunately my actual apartment was literally about 200 square feet. we decided to host thanksgiving for 7 people here {obviously}, and yet i didn't even have a full-sized oven. we split up our courses and everyone cooked something at home, and then trekked through this gorgeous neighborhood carrying trays of turkeys and green bean casserole.

the neighbors LOVED us. :)

we borrowed card tables and chairs and packed in tightly {i was sitting on my bed for this photo} and shared our favorite american foods together.

we even popped some buck's fizz out the window for a proper celebration.
and stuffed ourselves just like we were in america!
this was one of my favorite thanksgiving memories, being in a new country with a new job, away from my family, and yet everyone pulling out all the stops to fulfill the traditions we all missed so much!

to my london loves...erin, ariel, laura-loo, maria...miss you all! i loved reliving this day.

hope you all have a wonderful day of food, friends, family & fun! we have so much to be thankful for.

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