Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 revisited: my favorite posts!

we celebrated 2010 with the most fun new year's i've ever had! our little san francisco apartment housed 12 people for a few days of laughter {and champagne for breakfast}.

i went to the superbowl! we partied it up in miami and cheered on the saints to victory. this was the nuttiest sports experience of the year...or so i thought {thank you giants}.

i discovered the most beautiful backdrop for portraits when i did 3 sessions at drakes bay. this was one of the coolest portrait experiences i've ever had {must have been the mooing cows next to us}.

a spur of the moment roadtrip led us to drive to vegas and back in 2 days {...that's about 11 hours each way. niiice}. this was ridiculously silly - and memorable.

as giants season started, the biggest reason strangers were finding my blog was searching for pablo sandoval panda hats! i devoted a post to my favorite one.

in june i hosted a bridal shower for my bestie danelle! i was obsessed with the decor and food at the lovely crown & crumpet in ghirardelli square.

in july i returned from the trip of a lifetime to greece {athens, santorini, & mykonos} and turkey {istanbul}! this was definitely the highlight of this year and the most AMAZING trip - i want to die when i look back at these posts. riding donkeys in santorini was my favorite!

toward the end of summer one of my favorite events came back to san francisco - the renegade craft fair. i stocked up on some more handmade goodies!

i ventured into the world of guest blogging with a post for sincerely, cecelia about my nighstand! yes, it's totally always this tidy. ahem.

i made my first trip to boston - gorgeous in fall! we visited fenway park, took kelly's engagement photos, and danced at an 80s bar. love.

the giants won the world series - no really. i cried, got doused in champagne with a few billion other screaming fans, and then died.
i died.

a new little niece decided to be the best christmas gift of all. we welcomed violet sophia on december 16th - and then auntie sort of tormented her with a christmas photoshoot. :)
when i look back on all of this, i can't believe what a blessed and INSANELY FUN year this was! i'm making you a virtual bloggy cheers that 2011 will be even better!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

holiday photoshoot: the fine family

before i left for texas, i met the darling fine family for a quick holiday card shoot at baker beach. we were blessed with a ridiculously gorgeous day and perfect views of the golden gate!

Monday, December 27, 2010

i promise i'm a good auntie...

but we couldn't resist a small amount of christmas baby torture:

hope you all had a lovely christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

my view this morning while we opened presents.

have a wonderful, magical, blessed christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

introducing bluebonnet:

who buys a new car in texas when they live in san francisco? i guess i do when it's an amazing deal!

can't wait to bring this little texas bluebonnet to the bay...introducing her to the golden gate will be mighty fun. merry christmas to me!

christmas eve!

the gifts have been wrapped...
christmas cookies have been made {and heavily sprinkled}...
and the ornament i made in 2nd grade is dangling proudly from the branches.
ready for christmas!
p.s. i may post a little surprise later...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the perfect cozy hat.

i have been searching high and low for a winter-y, inexpensive, silly-yet-cute hat to wear on our girls' snow trip to tahoe coming up in january. i've tried on all-fur monstrosities, simple beanies, and nothing did it for me.


love! you can find this darling hat at shop ruche for a mere $25.99. there are only 3 left, and you can get an extra 10% off by entering clotheshorse10 at checkout.

Monday, December 20, 2010

the "it's almost christmas" photo montage.

christmas fun #1:
ucsd girls weekend! brunch at cafe de la presse,
christmas shopping in union square.
christmas fun #2:
ice skating in union square at night.
harder than it looks, but no spills. yay!
christmas fun #3:
our party for melissa at our apartment & the parlor!
{and wanting to wear uggs with cocktail dresses because of the storm.}

christmas fun #4:
arriving in texas & meeting my new niece, violet sophia!
it was love at first sight.

christmas fun #4:
baby's first monday night football.
{and a cute tushy.}
i can't believe we only have a few days left! my shopping's done, so i just have to finish wrapping {my favorite part}. more photos to come!