Tuesday, December 14, 2010

drink of choice.

on sunday night i tweeted a picture of the wine that cody & i were drinking as we watched basketball wives {no judgement} in front of the christmas tree:

yes, that is super cool giants wine, complete with a brian wilson beard. a few moments later, the sf giants official twitter re-tweeted me {this is where my mom is getting confused by twitter lingo, sorry}.

i was a) overjoyed, b) laughing at how lame i am for being overjoyed, and 3) absolutely barraged with messages and tweets asking where to get this beautiful vino.

the answer to this is the Hollow Cow Market on steiner & greenwich in san francisco {the cow hollow/marina area, to be exact...get the name now? yeah}. it is cheap wine {$9.99}, not particularly amazing wine, but the joy of the bottle is priceless.

and now for the next treat, which i am saving for NYE {where i will thank santa & jesus for the giants' world series victory}:

"2010 F-Yeah No More Torture" Champagne

are you kidding me? love!

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