Monday, December 20, 2010

the "it's almost christmas" photo montage.

christmas fun #1:
ucsd girls weekend! brunch at cafe de la presse,
christmas shopping in union square.
christmas fun #2:
ice skating in union square at night.
harder than it looks, but no spills. yay!
christmas fun #3:
our party for melissa at our apartment & the parlor!
{and wanting to wear uggs with cocktail dresses because of the storm.}

christmas fun #4:
arriving in texas & meeting my new niece, violet sophia!
it was love at first sight.

christmas fun #4:
baby's first monday night football.
{and a cute tushy.}
i can't believe we only have a few days left! my shopping's done, so i just have to finish wrapping {my favorite part}. more photos to come!

1 comment:

Mrs. G said...

Yay! Jackson wore those jammies too! :-)