Tuesday, December 7, 2010

photoshoot: nick & chloe

i was introduced to the lovely quyen by sweet melissa, after i took some baby photos of her little everly. quyen has two cuties of her own, nick & chloe, who are so full of personality and general adorable-ness {not a word} that this shoot was so much fun!

nick was wearing his "spy hat". love.
with their mama.

we spent a lot of time giggling and running through these very alice-in-wonderland-style hedges.
nick & chloe are lucky enough to have a super creative mom who encourages playing dress-up. they brought their cowboy hats as a second outfit.

and they even have their own superhero capes. i died! what a fun thing for these two to play in.
...and fly in.
quyen, i absolutely loved meeting you and your sweet kiddos! whimsical shoots are the best.


Nandini said...

you posted these with the express purpose of torturing me, yes? So incredibly adorable!!

Quyen Huynh said...

kelly, you made it so easy for them to be themselves. such a fun time. thank you.

Anonymous said...