Friday, February 26, 2010



{while i know this night will be superbly fun, i am truthfully way more excited about one of these things than the other. you guess.}

Thursday, February 25, 2010

pulling. out. hair.

everything in life suddenly got insanely busy.
why does that always happen?

i am working at home right now with idol/olympics humming along in the background. BUT i guess when i'm working for this cute man:

it's not quite so awful.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i often have big ideas.

...and my friends often loathe me for convincing them to partake.

on saturday, the much-hyped king tut exhibit at the de young was FREE to the public, with limited tickets being handed out only on that day. this is key not because we'd save $15 or whatever, but because this exhibit has been sold out for MONTHS, and leaves the city in march.

so...i called kelly stew, the usual partner in crime for my stupid ideas. i convinced her to let me pick her up at 7:30 {museum opens at 9} so that we'd get in right away for this.

now imagine this line when we got to golden gate park...TIMES 400:

the line literally stretched out of the museum complex, over a bridge, down the road, and like, into the ocean. yikes.

we waited anyway. it was cold.

after 2+ hours in line we were assigned our tickets...for an entry time occurring 3 hours later. {and i'm saying over and over to kelly "isn't this FUN?!"}. let's just say we spent a lot of time in the museum cafe and systematically exploring the rest of the exhibits. we are experts on amish quilts, african masks, and arts-and-crafts style chairs.

but when we finally made it to our appointment with king tut, it was totally awesome. look at this lil fella...could it not be amazing?

if you're in sf, i highly recommend that you check this out, even if it requires a craigslist ticket purchase since it's sold out. you will be amazed by 3000+ year old bling, dark and twinkly exhibits {no photos allowed, sadly} and crazy tomb artifacts.

can't wait for the next genius adventure!

Monday, February 22, 2010


i know the groundhog saw his shadow,
but after yesterday's rainstorm it suddenly looks
{and more important, feels!} like spring.

and there is nothing better than spring in this city...

Friday, February 19, 2010

lucky necklace.

i was browsing etsy a few weeks ago
and came across the most amazing jewelry shop:
beau & stella.

the pieces are light, lovely, and intricate:

i bought the above "luck" necklace
for my bestie and bride-to-be, danelle {and one for me!}
we wore them on the big wedding dress weekend, and they worked!

helloooo new favorite accesory. so perfect.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


in my last post you may have noticed some amazing ranunculus
in my fro-yo-occupied hands.

aren't they fabulous?
what a good date i had...thanks kel. ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

date night.

tonight kel and i had our date night,
much-needed catch-up time
since we are seemingly never in our own neighborhoods.

dinner at jovino was delish, but we mostly wanted fro-yo {duh}.
a new place opened just up the street from my apartment
and oh my, have i found where i'll be every night.

you can read my psycho yelp review and more here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

viva glam.

my co-worker got me a sweet treat for v-day:
the lady gaga mac viva glam lipstick.

{as if i am not already embroiled enough in gagaworld? haha!}
i love the color, and all proceeds go to the MAC AIDS fund to support HIV/AIDS research. good job, gagaloo.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

squeaking this in...

while it's technically still valentine's day.
look at that ginormous hershey kiss! as big as the palm of my hand.
loads of kisses for you on this day o' love.

Friday, February 12, 2010

happy long weekend!

so glad it's friday!

i am spending this long valentine's weekend away from the sf rain, in sacramento with some of the loves of my life. my best girls have so many exciting things coming up... babies & weddings!

it will be so great to catch up with them and just relax.

{folsom lake in sac}

Thursday, February 11, 2010

superbowl weekend recap!

i will start by saying this was the best weekend ever.
how could it not be?

we took a redeye on friday night {did not sleep a wink, thank you to the old man with a hearing aid who could not control the volume of his voice}, and headed straight to a yacht:

i think the adrenaline kept us from feeling TOO exhausted.
we would dock at various bars and restaurants
to enjoy the sunshine...and it was gorgeous.
after our day on the boat we hastily cleaned up,
ordered room service, and hit the W hotel for a superbowl party.
we ended up having so many friends in miami for the weekend,
which was amazing!
game day arrived and we were flipping out.
i was terrified that i'd lose our tickets.
{can you see my lucky saints necklace?}
we got our gear on {WHO DAT tees!}
and collected our fancy pants pins.
there were some...passionate fans everywhere!

our seats were on the 50 yard flyover and fireworks gave us chills.first half? not so great for us saints fans.
second half? AMAZING.

jason missed the on-side kick because he was buying hot chocolate for his lady. tee hee...good man.the interception was the best sports moment i have ever experienced. truly insane.

and second best might be when the place exploded for the saints!
what a nutty experience. i lost my voice {and it's still gone today...4 days after!} and we couldn't get over it.

on monday we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to south beach. first stop: DASH {if you watch any kardashian-related reality tv you'll understand the importance}.
lunch and sangria on ocean drive...just so perfect.
the flight home was much better than the way there...but now i am plotting on how to get back!

{to see all my pics, click here.}

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

can't begin to describe.

i feel like i've been hit by a train
{a really fancy miami-bound train}
and need to catch up on sleep from our adventure.

pictures and stories tomorrow...but let's just say it was the trip of a lifetime. yay saints!

Friday, February 5, 2010

who dat!

and so we are off to miami
for a crazy weekend of parties, yachts(!), and the superbowl.
i think a YIPPEE! is in order.

will report back on tuesday with all kinds of fun, i'm sure.
go saints!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

feeling victorious.

i just snagged the bcbgmaxazria ruched tote in cognac
{that i have adored from afar for so long}
via the gilt fuse sale this morning.

isn't she pretty?
{and MUCH prettier at 70% off.}

if you don't know the wonders of gilt yet and would like an invite
to crazy designer sales and wonderment
leave a comment and i'll hook you up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

will you accept this rose?

do you guys watch the trainwreck that is the bachelor?
we love it in my house. best monday ritual.

this week the bach {jake the earnest and midwestern-valued pilot} and his bevy of crazies came to my city, san francisco, for their dates. i realized while watching that i have gone on every single one of these dates, except with my girls, not a dashing abc-selected man.

tenley's date: cable car ride and coit tower.

my version:
quads aching after a walk up the horridly steep hill on the way to coit tower.
slight variation...we were more interested in the smush-penny machine than an intimate table for 2, but whatev.
vienna's & gia's "2-on-1" {their words, not mine} date: castle winery in napa.

my version:
corrie's date: boats in stow lake & california academy of science.
{i have big posts about these two activities here & here!}

my version:

ali's date: strolling around union street and marina green.
{this is my hood! i have posted about union st & the marina here, here, here, & here. whoa.}

my version:

the flower shop where ali referred to jake as her "big flower" {barf.}:
and apparently ali and i run on the same stretch of marina green. you know i'm gonna be on the lookout next time!

so...i really hope any of you guys watched last night cause it was probably the most tedious post to compile. the things i do for reality tv...