Friday, April 30, 2010

flashback friday

it's been awhile, but blue cheetah print in front of a cheetah? genius.

i was happy to be there.

posting was light this week due to roomie's birthday festivities, so i'll pick up the pace this weekend! enjoy yours.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the cuteness.

i am thrilled to be throwing a wedding shower in june for my bestie danelle. now that {almost} all of the invites have gone out, i can finally share with you the insane cuteness that are her invitations, designed by frenchie & flea.

first, let's talk absolute fave, crown & crumpet. i wish i could throw parties here every weekend.

we call danelle "pink bunny" {great nickname, i must say}, so what could be more perfect? i wanted a custom invitation for her, so i worked with the amazing emily at f&f on the design. my communication went something along the lines of "err...alice in wonderland? pink? anthropologie? stripes? help?" luckily, she's amazing, and came up with the most darling design:

in addition to being an amazing designer, emily was superwoman-fast with these. they sat on my desk at work for my co-workers to ooh and ahh at before i finally sent them out earlier this month. thank you frenchie & flea for being so wonderful!

{all images from this post at the f&f blog}

Monday, April 26, 2010

giant weekend!

let me start this post by thanking the giants' marketing staff for creating the most ridiculous, amazing giveaways for their ticket buyers. this weekend featured back-to-back glorious items:

#1 : snuggie night!

how genius is this? especially in a city that regularly features 50-degree nights in july...a snuggie is the perfect game accessory.

{the snuggie/knees view from our fave seats in the park}

#2 : pablo sandoval bobblehead day

in our annual tradition, we picnicked in willie mays plaza with yummy sandwiches, disguised beer, and cards/dice to keep us to entertained...for the 4 hours before the gates opened. some of us got bored, apparently.

looking sunburned and tired...but with the panda!

after zito's amazing victory, we watched the sharks win their playoff series at public house {the bar attached to at&t park} and then meandered through the orange-lit palm trees. perfect weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

i'm with coco.

always fun to have a work project where i ADORE the artist.
i got to hang out at the nob hill masonic all day yesterday
and watch mr. o'brien do his thang.

{soundcheckin' a "greek fisherman's hat". his words.}

i even got to watch some of the real show, which was just as ludicrously funny as can be expected. please see this if it's coming to your town, you will not regret it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

opinions needed : "comfort" footwear

today misha reminded me of my hunt for a comfortable gladiator-style sandal for our trip to greece and turkey {gilt has simple sandals on sale today...cute, but i am indecisive}. i need something versatile that i can wear with short & long dresses, shorts, etc, and it needs to be more comfy than the little steve madden-ish things i don while i frolic around san francisco.

my zappos search under the terms "comfort" {which: SCARY, 90% of the time} and then filtered by "gladiator" produced the following favorites:

{clockwise from top left: ecco - $130, born - $90, frye - $148,
fitzwell - $69, ugg - $130, naturalizer - $64.95}

do any of you have experience with these brands? i've worn ugg and fitzwell as boots, so not sure how the sandals are. i am sure that i've owned naturalizer in my life, and they look pretty comfy.

and what are your favorites? are any of these too fug to consider gallivanting around the islands in? opinions desired!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


if you happened to click the link from my last entry to melissa's post, you may have checked out my new online photography portfolio.

it was so hard choosing the images to include, but i hope you like it! it is definitely a work in progress {and i play with it all day. put down the laptop, kelly!}.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dear baby.

i'm certain many of you already read dear baby, the darling blog from sweet melissa. i have been a faithful reader of her first blog, stay forever sunday, for quite awhile, and she does such an amazing job of capturing the beauty of everyday life in san francisco.

i met melissa and her hubby brent on saturday morning to take photos of their little one, everly. #1, she is the calmest, cutest little bug EVER! and #2, these two parents are just as adorable and kind-hearted as they appear on her blog {must be those southern roots!}. we enjoyed the sunshine-y morning with their vintage pram, some gorgeous dresses that belonged to M's mom, and several outfit changes for baby e.

here are a few shots that i adored:

melissa posted about our shoot here, with a special photo session deal for readers! woohoo!

Monday, April 19, 2010

his + hers

i do like the pink one.

Friday, April 16, 2010

happy friday!

i couldn't resist making an animated gif for danelle
of these ridiculous pics:

i mean, that is some notebook-quality love right there.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

what being an auntie is all about :

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

engagement shoot : danelle + brent

i had the honor of taking danelle + brent's engagement photos on sunday. not only do i get to be maid of honor in their wedding, they trust me behind the lens!

we had a hilarious/productive/grand ol' time walking around historic sutter street in folsom and the surrounding areas. doesn't hurt that these two are gorgeous {and clearly in L.O.V.E.}!

and i'm pretty sure this was a blessed shoot, because 2 minutes after we got in the car, the rain started {and proceeded to POUR for the next 24 hours}. hallelujah for good timing!

{danelle really WAS this excited about seeing the "love" banner in this antique shop window}
{smoochy smoochy!}
...and off into the sunset they go.

Monday, April 12, 2010

opening day {aka, best day ever}.

my beloved giants are back!
my favorites and i took the afternoon off work
to spend it in the ballpark.

could it have been a more perfect day?

the game lasted over 4 hours {13} and we WON.
we also lost our voices/gained a sunburn {and had the best start to the season}.

room decor.

once upon a UCSD college graduation, danelle's and my parents threw us an insanely fun party. we joked that it was our wedding, since we had speeches, slideshows, and poster-sized prints of the two of us scattered around.

guess what danelle's been hiding in her apartment {with her ACTUAL fiance, i might add} :

this made my weekend.

Friday, April 9, 2010


i went to my first hockey game last night
and our sharks won 4-2.

it was surprisingly fun, especially for a girl who is obsessed with baseball and basketball. best part : using your hands to make a huge chomping shark mouth while the "jaws" music plays over the PA. {see that guy's hands in the bottom corner?}

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

drake's bay photoshoot : the rest.

one of our favorite parts of our drake's bay excursion was the unexpected company we had:

hellooooo bovine buddies! aren't they cute?
sister shots:
my lovely ladies:

and some roadside shenanigans before we left.

genius idea.

hello world. sorry i've been MIA.
this weekend brought along an unexpected road trip...

yeah. we drove from sf to vegas and back in 2 days. who does that?

just enough time for frolicking around the wynn...

drinking some gimlets...

enjoying pina coladas on easter morning looking up at paris...

and feeling like this.

back to normal now!