Thursday, July 29, 2010

dear urban outfitters,

we need to have a talk.

despite the fact that many of your products and models are COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS, i find myself continually sucked in to buying crazy accessories when i step foot in your store for 15 minutes.

{one of these things just doesn't belong...}
is it the perfectly hipster-ish music? the flattering lighting? the self-delusion that "maybe i could be the girl in the highway child goddess headwrap"?

moral of this story:
i buy peach-colored ombre glasses.
i will never wear them outside my house.
but maybe i should wear them and walk to urban outfitters,
where i feel at home looking like a loon?

the end.

Monday, July 26, 2010

cure for the driving blues.

my long car trips of late
have been made bearable by these two things:

{the best cd EVER if you like happy music and san francisco}
{the best iphone app EVER if you love the giants
and buster posey...and how could you not}

i highly recommend the investments!

summer food.

this may have been the best meal ever consumed.
thank you, lake tahoe.

and sadly, this is not easily recreated in a city apartment. sigh.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

scenes from tahoe.

this weekend i visited my parents at their amazing summer house in lake tahoe. we grew up vacationing in the tahoe keys, and it's definitely one of my favorite places ever.

view from the deck:

view from the front of the house:

down at the beach {iphone pic credit to my mom}:

emerald bay:

cute tahoe house decor:

backyard flowers:

montbleu casino...i lost all my moolah at the slots. boo.

an early morning trip out on the boat:


back to the beach:

...and of course my parents bought the biggest, brightest umbrella on earth.

it was SUCH a relaxing and fun weekend! can't wait to go back soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

danelle + brent's wedding weekend!!

what do you do when your best friend gets married??
why, you travel to san diego, have the time of your life, and totally forget to take TONS of pics!

ok, ok, i do have a decent amount of pictures, but i was kicking myself later that i didn't take more. i think i was too busy drinking wine, giggling with my best friends, and dancing with my cute boy. life is amazing.

let's start with the rehearsal dinner - after some serious aisle-walking instructions from danelle's darling g-pa we headed to the most beautiful estate in murietta.

two cute about to tie the knot, one newly engaged!

the most delish mexican food...seriously amazing paired with danelle's mom's margaritas. i'm glad everyone associated with this wedding enjoys eating.
bridesmaids on the loose!
a lovely part of our cute bags of goodies from the bride.
...cut to the next morning. breakfast, excitement, and off to primp and preen. kelly's fiance requested that she get cornrows, so she tried to abide.
loved our cute makeup artist.
she's almost ready...
suuuuper cheesy! we loved it.
most gorgeous bride ever, don't you think?
from nicky's camera...she's in a kelly sandwich.
making sure that the dress could handle the dip for the first kiss. seriously, this is why you have bridesmaids.
a nicky photo: me crying pre-ceremony. i know, i'm ridic. i just love her.
the wedding bands! i got to wear these on my finger for about an hour. i was terrified.
one final call to the groom-to-be right before the ceremony.
...and then there was a ceremony. unfortunately it's frowned upon to be a maid of honor with a large camera in hand during the proceedings. no fun. i will say that they both referenced mac & cheese during their vows, so it was awesome.

the ceremony and reception took place at callaway winery, which is so gorgeous. and cody did a really great job at becoming best friends with the other dates so that we didn't feel TOO guilty about being away from them all day. yay:

kelly and i wanted a photo shoot too.
i LOVED our dresses. this is a legit "you can wear this again", which is rare. they are j.crew cotton cady dresses in "spiced wine".

kelly loves me {and the champagne may have kicked in}:
the reception was in the barrel room - so cool!
and my engagement pics decorated the wine bottles. i felt so proud.
they also showed a hilarious slide show, which we all loved.
so then i guess i put my camera down to have some fun! wine, cupcakes, cody leading danelle's extended family in a conga was all there. really the greatest wedding ever.

and at breakfast the next morning, these two cuties wore the shirts i made them {sorry for the iphone pic}:


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


i have been spending a LOT of time in my car lately.

a brand new commute, a round-tripper to san diego, and so many back and forth drives to sacramento. today i got a flat tire. and then my oil light came on.

one big sigh. i wish i could use a hot air balloon.

Monday, July 19, 2010


i spent the weekend standing next to my best friend as she tied the knot in san diego - so much fun! here's to the start of another week...they are flying by lately.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


our last stop of the trip was beautiful istanbul! i was tempted to do another bachelor/ette post like my san francisco one, because truly, everything ali and her harem of men did on their dates in istanbul, we did {watch that episode here}.

everything is so grand and intricate, it's amazing to look up and see it all looming.

the bosphorous river runs through the city, separating the european and asian sides of the country.

we got in late at night, so after a night's rest we headed down to sultanhamet. our first stop was the spice bazaar - truly amazing.

you can even get any kind of fresh fruit juice squeezed for you on the street.

we headed into the grand bazaar, unsure of what to expect. it is magical.

it is also INSANE how much you are approached by used car salesman-esque men peddling scarves, rugs, jewelry, lamps, etc. and unfortunately, as a blonde, i got the brunt of it. my favorite things screamed at me were "gold lady", "yellow angel", and "SHAKIRA!" yep, shakira.

{misha was good at bargaining.}

another sidenote: if you like anthropologie, you would have died. everything is stunningly anthro-esque, at like 1/10 the price. so tempting.

after a few hours in the bazaar, we needed some refreshment. this apple tea is the most amazing thing on earth.

some of the bracelets purchased in the bazaar.

after lunch we walked over to the blue mosque and hagia sofia.

inside the blue mosque:

misha in her "modest is hottest" garmets:

there's a gorgeous park in between.

unfortunately {and upon reflection, hilariously}, misha "took a spill" on our way in to the hagia sofia. i seriously thought she broke her ankle and was frantically wracking my brain on how to call a turkish ambulance. luckily she ended up with some bumps and bruises {and note the busted sunglasses}, but no permanent physical damage. i am shocked that i wasn't the one to bail, since normally i own that category of public humiliation.

the inside is stunningly beautiful.

my halo...ha:

legend has it that if you stick your finger in this hole and it comes out wet, your ailments will be cured. mine came out dry. so did this kid's:

after the sites, we decided to go to a turkish bath. the most famous in the world is the cagaloglu hamam {yes, this is where the bachelorette went too}, which has been in tons of movies and commercials. seemingly normal, right?

umm, no. slightly scary. imagine a large turkish woman telling you to strip down and let her wash your hair and give you a somewhat frightening public massage. GOOD TIMES! haha. we seriously laughed so hard during this whole experience. and it was an experience.

plus, great footwear.

after cleaning up, we hit the town in beyoglu, and even watched another world cup game.

the next day we did a bosphorous cruise.

the super cool fortress:

our last lunch in istanbul, on the galata bridge.

so delicious!

...and that concluded our trip!
{or so i thought.}

i had quite the nightmare getting home, but it was worth it for the amazing time we had. i can't wait to go back...especially the greek islands. trip of a lifetime indeed!