Thursday, September 30, 2010

newborn photoshoot : connor

remember this adorable maternity shoot with ashley & brad?

well, guess what...

he's here! {funny how that works}. connor is such a handsome little guy - and look at those dark baby blues.
we set up a little shoot for this sweet babe at ashley & brad's awesome san francisco home. i think connor enjoyed sprawling out on the fur for the ladies.
brad is a die-hard arkansas fan, so we had to bring that into the mix {i guarantee i will stage giants-themed shoots for my future offspring, so i fully support starting them young. fan for life!}
connor is incredibly good-natured and was totally rolling with the outfit/prop changes. we had to bust out his mama's skateboard, since that was such a fun part of ashley's shoot!
as we wound down the shoot, connor let us know his modeling gig was complete. just as handsome with the eyes closed, don't you agree?
congratulations, ashley & brad! connor is just as darling as his parents.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

favorite place no. 13 : nick's crispy tacos.

if you love:

delicious tacos smothered in guacamole...

snuggling in a booth with friends...

and insanely garish red velvet decor & glistening chandeliers...

boy do i have the place for you!

nick's crispy tacos is one of the first places i came to when i moved to san francisco, since i was staying with lauren in her apartment just a few blocks away. it is somewhat of an institution, with lines that easily grow to hold 30+ people.

the food is yummy, the crowd always bustling, and the location perfect for a cheap meal before a night out for music/bars on polk. the cash-only situation is remedied thanks to a walgreens {"uhhh $20 cash back on a pack of gum, please?"} across the street.

we headed over on friday and were able to pounce on a booth and settle in with our margaritas right away - what a great omen for the night!

delicious meal and fabulous girls night. we love nick's!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

jordan is amazing.

PLEASE go look at this amazing dinner party held under the golden gate bridge.

can you even imagine how breathtaking that would be??

jordan is such an inspiration!

Monday, September 27, 2010

new job!


my favorite frozen yogurt place advertised on twitter for ghost shoppers {intense, i know}. you go to the shop, act normal, buy frozen yogurt, and take note of your surroundings and if the high school boys at the counter smile or are surly. aka, what i do anyway 3x/week at this place.

so, sign me up! i applied {via twitter...ha}, got the gig, and acted very intently when getting my strawberry/vanilla concoction. the best part - they pay in free yogurt! 4 free ones for every ghost shopping trip. i am tempted to quit my day job, people.

Friday, September 24, 2010

reasons to love this week.

1. the return of glee/the addition of this new cast member:

who are you, sir, and where did you get those lips? we were stunned into silence every time he was on screen. then we looked him up and saw he was on something called "icarly", aka he's probably dating miley cyrus or selena/demi gomez/whatever, and now im officially an old lady.

2. the fact that my darling friend heather's work ID came with an INSANELY DRASTIC misspelling.

whooooo is named meatmer?! and yeah, i blacked out some of the lines to keep her info private, though i'm not sure anyone could find her if they're searching for MEATMER. good lord this made me laugh. sorry heather.

3. the return of the tootsie roll halloween variety pack {cue fanfare}.
we've talked before about how much i love these.

4. my friend julie's email of photos she took from the same exact spot in february and august. san francisco, it's like it's permanently opposite day with your crazy weather antics.

have a happy weekend! hope you laughed like i did this week.
{mostly at meatmer, clearly.}

Thursday, September 23, 2010

fancy feet.

we all know that the best part about the seasons changing is getting a chance to change the wardrobe. when spring approaches, it's "ooh, pretty soon i can skip around in a flouncy floral dress!", but now, we have the delicious feeling of cable knit sweaters and tights in our near futures.

i've been coveting/bookmarking a lot of amazing shoes recently. my two favorite trends for fall:

forever 21 {i know, right?!}

neutral, detailed boots
steve madden
marc by marc jacobs {slightly beyond my f21 budget, but so dreamy}

anthropologie {...obviously}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cheeks mcgee.

my co-worker brought her new baby to the office. want to halt productivity? the simple recipe is apparently: cheeks.

sooo smooshy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


i took my camera on a leisurely walk down to the marina on a sunny september day. these are the sights:

{water matching the sky}

{lots of giants love}

{a really angry crow that squawked at me for taking his pic}

{my boots on the dock}

{the china shipping line in a serious fog layer}

{purple flowers, yellow houses, blue skies}

{a good-looking row}

{the cutest sidewalk planter ever}

Monday, September 20, 2010

here's to a good week.

my farmer's market snapdragons in my fave vase.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

fort mason farmer's market.

a couple months ago a new farmer's market started in sf, basically across the street from my apartment. i finally got my act together and checked it out this morning, despite it being a rainy, grey day.

it was beautiful! so many yummy samples, gorgeous fabrics on the tables, and friendly people.

i'm pretty sure these ladies bought out the flower stand.

my loot in my fave grocery bag.

yellow snapdragons, organic tomatoes, rustic sourdough french bread, a yellow peach and white nectarines, and {my fave} soft cow's milk cheese. mmmm.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my nightstand.

have you always wondered what my nightstand looks like?
{i can hear you yelling YES}

this week i did a guest post for sincerely, cecelia this very topic! cecelia has a fantastic interior design/lifestyle blog and started a really fun series where she asked bloggers "what's on your nightstand?" click on over to check out more pictures and an explanation of life with an anal landlord.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

on lily's 3rd birthday...

a list of reasons why i LOVE my niece, with accompanying photo proof.

1. you are cool with silly costumes {and auntie smooches}
2. you are adventurous. who needs floaties?3. you let your parents and i put you in a hamper once, just cause it was funny. thanks for being a good sport.
4. you are super stylish.
5. you also have awesome pigtails.
6. you are a skilled performer. i've never seen such a good dance moves!
7. you know how to share.
8. you totally have the pensive look down.
9. you are a total texan {which kills me too sometimes, since your mom and i are california girls!}
10. you made me an amazing birthday cake this year for MY birthday!11. you are still willing to let me snuggle. yay.
happy birthday, little lady! i love you.