Tuesday, January 18, 2011

looks like barbie with the soul of mother theresa.

me: let's have a bachelor party!
cody: [excitedly] OKAY!
me: ...i mean, a party to watch the bachelor.
cody: oh.

thoughts from last night:
  • who knew the vampire could be so rational?
  • too many ashleys, too many chantals, too many dad issues.
  • emily literally does "look like barbie with the soul of mother theresa." let's just end the show now with brad proposing to her and save ourselves the torture {...i don't mean this, i love the torture}. also, note her occupation. this is the opposite of "chantal the funeral director":

  • michelle. oh michelle. hope this is an act. if not, perhaps someone should hand her dvds of the past 14 seasons so she can understand that things like "evil group dates" and "other women" are a part of the deal.

counting down to next week!

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