Wednesday, January 5, 2011


while i waited at the car wash, i made my list of new year's resolutions on the back of my receipt. i am HORRIBLE at picking good resolutions - they are either too vague or just fall off my radar somewhere around feb 1, so this year i went with things i genuinely hope to do and are specific {i.e. instead of "go to the gym more", i made a tangible goal}.

1. refrain from using my new car as a second closet/storage unit {common in sf, i tell you}. also wash it regularly. yeah, i was sitting at a car wash as i wrote these.

2. run a race that is longer than a 5k.

3. come up with 3 creative photography projects and execute.

4. clean out my closet and donate to goodwill every 3 months.

5. re-vamp le blog.

6. explore marin county, once of the most gorgeous places in california.

7. take a new self-portrait. {one from 2010 above}.

8. find new blogs/bloggers to love, be inspired by, and become blog-friends. i'm on my way with this one since my friend jen and i exchanged a list of our favorites, and i am LOVING it! anyone else want to trade faves?

did you make resolutions this year?


Ash Att said...

i love your picture above! it is so adorable. i was actually just thinking of making a vision board. that way i can physically see my goals. love your blog :)
good luck!


Ash Att

the southern hostess said...

Hmm...I think I'll steal a few of your goals.

Jen said...

you go girl! LOVE your list. xx

Chelsea said...

I'm feeling like an insomniac and reading through your archives (creepy?). YES! Let's exchange lists and grow.