Tuesday, March 29, 2011

before & after : coffee table

somehow my laptop ate all of the "mid-process" pics i took of this project {or more likely: i never uploaded and wiped a memory card}, so a simple before & after will have to do!

before: a dark, ikea-veneered, boxy coffee table. i love this guy because of the storage {2 big drawers in front, and the other side is entirely shelves}, but it had become scratched, water-ringed, and basically hideous after 4+ years of aggressive use. plus, brass handles. eek.

after: painted the whole thing {including hardware} in behr's "elephant skin." i wanted it to blend in, so as to not feel quite as bulky. the new surrounding furniture clearly helps with the transformation too, and i adore that mirrored tray on top.

the apartment is coming together...finally! :)


Tiffani said...

coffee table looks great but what I really love is your couch!!

Nicole Marie said...

it looks great!