Tuesday, March 15, 2011

before & after : side table

this is currently my favorite little nook of my apartment:

my favorite mirror, a vintage suitcase {from the alameda flea market}, and a stripey table! this also serves the purpose to hide a not-so-cute heater vent in the wall, so it's functional too. the table didn't always look like this, however...

hello past life, past apartment:

the dark wood just wasn't going to happen in the new place. i am a total novice when it comes to painting furniture, so i wandered into home depot with a confused smile and let them help me decide what to do. the furniture paint colors i chose were behr's "french linen" and "elephant skin." i didn't even have to sand or prime because this paint was an all-in-one type, so that was a HUGE timesaver and incentive to go for the pricier paint {$33/gallon...though my little home depot friend winked and gave me a discount to $5/gallon. swear i didn't ask for it!}

this is one coat of the french linen:
seriously good coverage! there were some thin parts on closer glance, so i ended up doing 2 coats to be safe. i thought this was a little too plain though, so i nervously decided i could handle doing some stripes.

i used painters tape and measured it out to have 3 wide stripes.
it actually peeled off really cleanly - woo!
and here she is:
see that ugly vent?? yeesh. glad i found a way to cover it!

many more before & afters to come, since i am now obsessed with throwing down the tarp in my living room and painting everything in sight! ;)


The McKiernan's said...

LOVE the after!!!

steph said...

nice job!!

kelsey c. said...

SUPER CUTE. now i need a striped white/gray table.

Dramastic Girl said...

sooo so cute. $33 a gallon to $5 a gallon is a big discount. good job flirting!!