Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a guide to buying a couch without a truck, space, or money.

one of the issues that cropped up in moving from a big apartment {with a roommate} to a small apartment {solo} was furniture!

i knew that chances were good that i'd have too much - in our old place i pretty much owned everything we had {not to mention a few tvs}. i managed to come up with a plan to either sell or donate things i didn't need, and find a home in my new place for the rest. i am currently painting just about every single piece {the dreaded unmatching wood - some were birch, some were dark veneered...ugh}. i'm only SLIGHTLY intoxicated by paint fumes right now.

the one major thing that i didn't own was a couch, or really any kind of living room seating. my roommate had an ikea futon/chair set that was convenient for our {frequent} houseguests that we loved to entertain, but horrendously uncomfortable. you can see a snippet of these here. pretty sure i never photographed them directly because that couch got so ugly over the years.

so, it was off to the world of couch shopping. i had distinct {and let's face it, somewhat laughable} criteria:

- no ikea {note: i love ikea. i own a ton of ikea stuff. but my main area of seating needed to be a little more plush than those darling scandinavians were offering}
- nothing that requires my assembly
- nothing i have to pick up myself {hello mini cooper}
- light-colored and with a touch of style
- need to actually see it in person before buying {the tush test}
- under $800

my interior designer friend catherine was TOTALLY on board with me until that last bullet. ha.

i searched far and wide - weird showrooms in the south bay, fancy furniture stores in SF {hoping for a floor sample, natch}, online retailers. i even considered the bargain basement world of jennifer convertibles until i did a quick google search and nearly every result/yelp review was about how absolutely atrocious their product & service can be.

the whole time i loved a couch at macy's, but at $899 it was just a wee bit too much with delivery & taxes on top. i went by the showroom yesterday, cuddled up on it, and fell in love. behold:

this is the chloe metro living couch.

it's an "apartment-sized" sofa, which i didn't know existed, so it will fit perfectly in my new bay window. and best part, macy's is having a big furniture sale this weekend, so i was able to lock it in for a super-duper low price and stay under my budget. thank you, furniture gods.

for those of you in the same predicament, here are the best sources i found for cute, reasonably priced sofas:

- macy's {clearly}
- jcpenney : surprising selection and crazy sale prices. couches for under $400!
- pier 1 : stylish and comfortable
- : crazy cheap, also under $400...but one of my criteria was the tush test, which i couldn't get here. i've only heard good things from other people who have tried them though. and free shipping on furniture!
- marshall's : i was shocked by this. the marshall's by my work has furniture! and cute furniture. the couches were more like loveseats and a little too small, but very trendy and cheap.

i get to patiently wait for delivery, but i'm thrilled to be able to sit somewhere other than my floor, a kitchen chair, or my bed. movin' on up!

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Alana said...

Love the couch!