Wednesday, March 9, 2011

musee mechanique.

i was tempted to file this in my favorite san francisco places, but this is more of a "weird & awesome san francisco place."

musee mechanique was on my bucket list of things to see in sf, so on a random sunny saturday i convinced the girls to join. based in an old plane hangar at pier 39, the musee contains a strange collection of vintage carnival displays, photobooths, & arcade games. they even have - gasp - the old nickel-run naked lady "peepshow" machines! its former homes include the sutro baths and cliff house.

before we knew what treasures awaited...

it's free to enter, and then you just grab some quarters and go to town! my favorite game was the guillotine machine {watch a clay figure's head get chopped off!}, and the whole place has such a creepy vibe to it...i mean...clearly:

hellooooo sir.
are you scared yet?

this is a GREAT place for groups of friends, but possibly traumatic for a child. the skee-ball and photobooths are a lot of fun though!

our photobooth pics...lauren was hidden so we made her re-pose.
next time you're down by the wharf, save some of your parking meter quarters and check it out!

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