Sunday, March 6, 2011

russian river weekend.

on friday after work the girls ventured up through marin and to the russian river for a weekend of wine tasting and bachelorette festivities for our darling kel stew! we rented an estate on the river that had several darling cottages.
our beautiful bride was anti-tiara/cheesy bachelorette gear, so i made her a flower crown. love.
mom & daughters - don't they look like 3 sisters?!
our wine tasting adventures took us all over the russian river valley. so many delicious tastings and settings.
it was a barrel tasting weekend, so the wines came straight from the oak {and haven't been released yet}. it's so fun to taste that way, and yet so cruel to not be able to buy them for another few months!
needless to say, we consumed about a million bottles, and had way too much fun.
happy bachelorette to my lovely bestie & bride!
{update: our "estate" was rented, and you can check it out here: it had a ton of amenities - hot tub, volleyball court, boats, gourmet kitchens. it was great!}


Nicole Marie said...

the cottage is so cute!! did you rent it or is it a friends??

kelly said...

we rented! there is a main house, small cottage, and 2 "townhouses"...and a hot tub, volleyball court, boats, etc! so awesome. the place is: we loved it!