Friday, April 29, 2011

the princess bride.

you magical was last night??
we had so much fun. champagne, cupcakes, tea sandwiches, tiaras, rings, squealing. i stayed up til 5am, and apparently am still doing ok by running on caffeine and excitement over all the post-wedding articles.

and as stina said..."a collective sigh" as we caught a glimpse of the new princess.

not to mention...the hats! ohhh the hats.

it will be a fun week for magazine/blogs/recaps. hope you had as much fun {and maybe shed a few tears} watching the biggest wedding of the century. eee! {still squealing}

{top image: katemiddletonforthewin; second & third images: eonline}

Thursday, April 28, 2011

spring wardrobe.

when did old navy turn into anthropologie?
how chic are these affordable pieces - i absolutely love them for spring.
if you shop today, it's buy one, get one 50% off with code ONBOGO. and you can always make returns in-store, so why WOULDN'T you find some goodies online? yessir!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

japan relief at blu bungalow.

last night catherine & i attended a beautiful japan relief event at blu bungalow, just down the street from my apartment. they had a ridiculously great silent auction full of donations from local artists, photographers, jewelry makers, salons, & more.

the decor was perfect, cherry blossoms and tiny red cranes floating above.
everything was themed...and delicious!
our favorites were the red velvet cake pops & special cocktails.
and the sweet jars of love.
and of course, we managed to embarrass ourselves in the photobooth. :)
the proceeds benefit shelterbox, which is one of the coolest disaster relief charities i've ever heard of. each box includes a tent for 10 people, tools, protective gear & nets, a stove, and even a small pack of games & toys for children who have been scared & traumatized from a disaster. amazing!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a royal post.

if you follow me on twitter, you are well aware of my insane enthusiasm over the royal wedding. as a former londoner, i loooove the royal family, the palaces, and everything to do with the grand traditions of monarchy. when i lived there, my bestie laura covered royal watch for people magazine, so we'd get to see wills all over london at posh events, and then talk to the bathroom attendants about what kate said while she was peeing. i'm not kidding. plus, i always had a sneaking suspicion that prince harry was meant for me, so at least he's still {somewhat} on the market. ;)

i am hosting a party for my girlfriends from 2am - 4am san francisco time so we can watch the festivities live. insane? probably. but definitely memorable. to make it worth their while, i have some fun favors to go along with pjs and blankets.

i made these bad boys:
scoured the internet for hours until i found the perfect replica rings {that were under $59.99, seriously QVC, who are you}, and struck a deal with a vendor for a solid discount:
and hit up my local party store for some classy, yet ridiculous, headwear.
other notable inclusions...festive beverages, sweet treats, and insane decorations. it's possible my neighbors may think that i'm getting married.
are YOU excited for their big day?? here are some fun links to get you in the mood!

Monday, April 25, 2011


per our tradition {see here & here}, we camped out in willie mays plaza to wait for an amazing giants giveaway.
except...this time it was raining. wah wah. 

do you love our ponchos that we bought from a sketchy man on a motorized scooter? they saved our lives during those 3 hours outside playing sports trivia games on my iphone. haha. 

and yet...well worth it for this bad boy:
also, no one is as confused as me about san francisco weather. we started the day like the above, and i ended with a RAGING SUNBURN. i look like an idiot.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

hope you enjoy this lovely holiday! we are going to try to squeeze in some brunch before going to the giants vs. braves game. definitely not a typical easter celebration, but should be a great day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

pink kilties!

the minnetonka kilty is totally the new toms, which were the new sperry topsiders, which were the new...saddle shoes? i dunno.
comfy, adorable, PINK! and they come in a million colors.

2nd fave:
and more:

buy here!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

newborn photoshoot : jackson stone

i had the absolute honor of taking newborn photos for baby jackson when he was a mere 8 days old! he is the the most handsome addition to an already adorable family. such a little sweetie.

we thought he looked like a little turtle here...hehe.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

apartment tour!

well, i finally finished decorating my new apartment, and i am giddy to show it to you! i also did a little blog redesign that will allow for larger photos {and looks a little more like ME, i think}, so i hope you enjoy.

and we're off...

the main living area. wall decals, welcome to my life. as a renter who can't paint, these are a lifesaver! i swapped out the original hideous light fixture for this chandelier, and i think it sets the tone.

my tufted couch that i la-la-la-love.

light patterned chair & urban outfitters ruffle pillow.

directly across from my couch & bay window is a dresser that i updated with paint & glass knobs, my tv, and some accessories. oh yes, and audrey. hey girl.

this remains my favorite nook in the whole place. on the wall between a closet door and the archway to the room, i've tucked the striped table i painted, vintage suitcase, and some goodies.

this vintage "san francisco" bottle was made for me!

looking from the other side of the space, my bed area. the headboard is an iron beast that i got for free, and i love my cozy bedding.

the bookshelf - here's the tutorial!

moving the bathroom. i know, i'll keep it quick. ruffle curtain, flower rug.

and some more stripes {can't help it!}

i have a funny little foyer between the living space, closets, & bathroom and the kitchen. i updated this banquet table with a chalkboard top, and use it to store mail, keys, and of course write fun little messages & reminders. that hideous phone lets guests in to the building, so i can't get rid of it. kills me. ;)

the kitchen! please check out that WALL of storage. this is amazing, and rare to old apartments. i bow in its presence. on the right is some really cute cabinetry separating the dining space from the kitchen.

some kitchen accessories.

i think this is the coolest part of this apartment - that is the original ice box refrigerator from the 1920s. per my landlord "you can put ice in the bottom and keep your beer cold!" ha - for sure, guy. i actually don't have anything in it yet, but i'm sure i'll end up shoving sweaters in there when my closet fills up. cookbooks are stacked on top, and a cute anthro apron hangs next to it.

my california cutting board - i use this just to smile at the heart over san francisco. it's too much!

and once i finished all these pictures, i had to celebrate FINALLY getting this all complete. yippee!

before & after : a patterned bookcase

i learned pretty quickly that in a studio apartment, everything visible {i.e. not shoved in a closet...not that i do that or anything} needs to be neat & decorated if you want it to look pulled together. as i gathered cute furniture & accessories, my bookshelf was driving me nuts with all the random colors and brightness that didn't go with my soft, light pallette.

so, i took a few hours & turned it into something beautiful:

and maybe a better descriptor is "unobtrusive", which was my ultimate goal. i have TONS of books that i wanted to keep for either a) sentimental reasons or b) because i haven't read them yet, so i needed to figure out how to keep them, but not distract.

i also had this somewhat hideous ikea bookshelf, complete with a hole drilled out the back because i used to have my tv in it.

{not chic}

i painted it white, found an old lamp that had a black base and painted that grey {see above}, and then thought of a quick & cheap solution for the books.

supplies: books, scissors, scotch tape {or painter's tape, which i later switched to}, and pretty wrapping paper/vintage maps.

everything on the right was purchased at papersource for about $20 total.

i cut the paper into strips with about 2" extra past the width of the book. just a simple wrap & tape covered the spine, and comes off without damaging the book cover. i also wanted it to be somewhat easy to find books, so this way i could still easily see the covers.

i played around with different book sizes/patterns to make sure it would look pleasing.

and then loaded everything into the shelves! notice that on a couple books i did cover the whole thing, since i knew they'd show if i added other accessories, like this mug.

so, what do you think? it took about 3 hours total, but was easy to do in a couple days while i watched tv or a movie. i love the look!