Tuesday, April 19, 2011

apartment tour!

well, i finally finished decorating my new apartment, and i am giddy to show it to you! i also did a little blog redesign that will allow for larger photos {and looks a little more like ME, i think}, so i hope you enjoy.

and we're off...

the main living area. wall decals, welcome to my life. as a renter who can't paint, these are a lifesaver! i swapped out the original hideous light fixture for this chandelier, and i think it sets the tone.

my tufted couch that i la-la-la-love.

light patterned chair & urban outfitters ruffle pillow.

directly across from my couch & bay window is a dresser that i updated with paint & glass knobs, my tv, and some accessories. oh yes, and audrey. hey girl.

this remains my favorite nook in the whole place. on the wall between a closet door and the archway to the room, i've tucked the striped table i painted, vintage suitcase, and some goodies.

this vintage "san francisco" bottle was made for me!

looking from the other side of the space, my bed area. the headboard is an iron beast that i got for free, and i love my cozy bedding.

the bookshelf - here's the tutorial!

moving on...to the bathroom. i know, i'll keep it quick. ruffle curtain, flower rug.

and some more stripes {can't help it!}

i have a funny little foyer between the living space, closets, & bathroom and the kitchen. i updated this banquet table with a chalkboard top, and use it to store mail, keys, and of course write fun little messages & reminders. that hideous phone lets guests in to the building, so i can't get rid of it. kills me. ;)

the kitchen! please check out that WALL of storage. this is amazing, and rare to old apartments. i bow in its presence. on the right is some really cute cabinetry separating the dining space from the kitchen.

some kitchen accessories.

i think this is the coolest part of this apartment - that is the original ice box refrigerator from the 1920s. per my landlord "you can put ice in the bottom and keep your beer cold!" ha - for sure, guy. i actually don't have anything in it yet, but i'm sure i'll end up shoving sweaters in there when my closet fills up. cookbooks are stacked on top, and a cute anthro apron hangs next to it.

my california cutting board - i use this just to smile at the heart over san francisco. it's too much!

and once i finished all these pictures, i had to celebrate FINALLY getting this all complete. yippee!


Jenn said...

Ridiculously cute!

the southern hostess said...

I like how you coordinated your outfit with the apartment. Everything is so gorgeous and feminine. I love!

the southern hostess said...

Oh, and the blog redesign looks great too!

Jen said...

i am OBSESSED!!!!!!!!! x

Danelle said...

COMPLETELY in love with all of this...I've looked at your apartment pics over and over again and can't stop...you are SO AMAZING!!

Mom said...

Absolutely beautiful Kel!!! Love it!

Savvy in San Francisco said...

Your apartment looks amazing! So gorgeous! Every room! Congrats on finishing! Love the picture at the end of you - adorable!

Something Old, Something New said...

oh my gosh, this is amazing! you have such a great style.

can you come decorate my place?? :)

love your blog!

buyaionaccounts said...

This is one interior masterpiece. Love the soft, pastel colors and those sassy furnitures, so chic.

Anonymous said...

this is sooo parisian and perfect. i wish i could live there!

UpperBottom said...

ok, i am jealous of multiple things here.

first of all, your apartment is amazing. i mean, seriously? wow. my hunsbad would never let me decorate like that. eh, maybe.

two, that blue skirt. i'mma need to know where you got that.


kelly : pinetothepacific said...

thanks for the sweet words everyone!!

@rachel - it's a vintage crinoline from the 50s! i bought it on etsy from the seller snootieseconds.

KP said...

Your apartment looks gorgeous, WELL DONE!!

Anonymous said...


whitney said...

i'm obsessed with your apartment!

i am trying to get my company to move me to san fran...wish me luck!!

birdie to be said...

I love it! Your space is divine! I love all the white and the color tones youve incorporated.

Marie-Claire Balea said...

Your apartment is absolute perfection! I must ask where you bought your couch. Loves. Loves. Loves.

<3 Marie-Claire