Friday, April 8, 2011

a basketball tour of texas.

i flew to houston on friday for a whirlwind few days in houston that comprised mainly!

the final 4:
i stepped off the plane and was greeted with this squishy ball, chucked at my face {i wish i was kidding} by the houston tourism committee. thanks guys.

the whole shebang was nasa-themed, due to it being in houston. cute!

pops and i sported final four gear:

and we sat behind VCU's student section. note the yellow. haha!

the semifinals and the finals were both held at reliant stadium, which is normally for football. so, only 75,000 people attended each night, screaming their lungs off. fun!

on monday night, uconn won the ugliest game in the world. i played jr. high games that were better. ironically, uconn had the fewest fans in attendance by FAR. of course it would happen like that!

kings vs. rockets
then, on tuesday, my fave basketball team {and former employer!} happened to be in town playing the houston rockets. i got to don a kings hat and invade enemy territory.

one of my fave former co-workers got us ahmazing seats, and we watched the kings march to victory! so much fun.
...and now, i am officially basketball'd out.

good timing, since i'm going to my first giants game of the season tomorrow!

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