Tuesday, April 12, 2011


my favorite part of my latest texas trip was actually NOT all the basketball, but getting to spend time with my 2 baby girls, my nieces!

schmoopy violet:

such smiley sweets.
we got faces painted at a carnival,
explored exciting ponds,
played in a field of bluebonnets,
posed for pics in the wind,

used our sister's heads as armrests (!),

got attacked by smoochy parents,

and took super-cool shots on auntie's iphone {in auntie's sunglasses}.
love my girls!


Julie C. said...

Finally the post I've been waiting for!! They are so cute and Violet is getting so big! Love them!

Danelle said...

Haha Julie I've been waiting for this post too! They are too precious for words...and Violet is just so cuddle-worthy! Perfect pics. :)

Katie said...

Aw - thanks guys! These pics are so great, Kel!!! The Lily in sunglasses pic makes me laugh... love you! :)

Ash Att said...

you went to texas?! im moving there next month! woo. those girls are so freaking cute!

Mom said...

Great pictures Kel! Sure miss you!!!