Thursday, April 14, 2011

an ode to the kings.

this post is sad to write, and may be somewhat premature, due to recent events of the day. but, the general consensus is that the sacramento kings played their last game in that city last night, and that makes me sad.

i grew up in sacramento, and my family had season tickets from the time they arrived in 1985. these games were where my dad taught me to love sports, to give yourself over to the game and fall in love with a team. in the 80s and 90s, the kings were horrible, and yet we loved them anyway. but those early 2000s…amazing. as the rest of the country fell in love with white chocolate, bibby, vlade and c-webb, so did sacramento, and it fell HARD. i would fly home from college for playoff games and wear my kings pride all over southern california {where they hated us...ha}.

post-college graduation i moved to london, and basically never wanted to leave. i was on a temporary work visa, so returning to sacramento {of all places} less than a year later felt tragic and made me…cranky. :) soon after, i found a dream job working for MY team, and for the next 2 seasons i had the time of my life.

{don't be scared by these old pictures...though i shuddered more than once. haha}

this was my home…barefoot on the court:

wearing purple polo shirts every day.

hanging out with my idols.

having mini-kevin garnett as my business card assistant {gifted to me by a friend at the t-wolves}.

posing for ridiculous/hideous promos on the kings website.

starring with slamson.

wearing "work attire." {note: why am i in a chargers jersey?}

sitting on the bench.

meeting cody in the cube next to me. {this was the first night we hung out - classic.}

working with hilarious, fun people.

traveling on road trips and going out in vegas with my boo. hee.

and always feeling like this was home.

they may have never won a championship in black & purple, but they taught me how to love a team and the game {and guess what, my other guys gave me that satisfaction in 2010!}.

so on that note, a final farewell from last night.


Dad said...

Great homage, Kel. I'm sad too.

Anonymous said...

ugh, amen. i hope they don't leave.