Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a royal post.

if you follow me on twitter, you are well aware of my insane enthusiasm over the royal wedding. as a former londoner, i loooove the royal family, the palaces, and everything to do with the grand traditions of monarchy. when i lived there, my bestie laura covered royal watch for people magazine, so we'd get to see wills all over london at posh events, and then talk to the bathroom attendants about what kate said while she was peeing. i'm not kidding. plus, i always had a sneaking suspicion that prince harry was meant for me, so at least he's still {somewhat} on the market. ;)

i am hosting a party for my girlfriends from 2am - 4am san francisco time so we can watch the festivities live. insane? probably. but definitely memorable. to make it worth their while, i have some fun favors to go along with pjs and blankets.

i made these bad boys:
scoured the internet for hours until i found the perfect replica rings {that were under $59.99, seriously QVC, who are you}, and struck a deal with a vendor for a solid discount:
and hit up my local party store for some classy, yet ridiculous, headwear.
other notable inclusions...festive beverages, sweet treats, and insane decorations. it's possible my neighbors may think that i'm getting married.
are YOU excited for their big day?? here are some fun links to get you in the mood!


casey j. said...

um, can i come??

Katie said...

Sounds like fun, Kel! I also thought this was pretty funny:



kelly : pinetothepacific said...

ha! i love it, kate!