Monday, April 18, 2011

a very sf weekend.

on saturday i woke up nice and early to get over to the bud stop flower mart on union, just to make sure i snagged an armful of hydrangeas before they sell out. one la boulange croissant and venti starbucks later, and it was already a lovely day.

i had a gift certificate for hair & makeup at blow {a salon that only does blow-outs! and you can name your celebrity to look like...too fun} that was about to expire, so hey, why not get a full face of makeup & amazing hair at 10am on a saturday? as i ran the rest of my errands people were impressed/scared of my kardashian smokey eye during the daylight. ;)

on sunday i got to put the top down and zip over the golden gate for a photoshoot in sausalito.

yeah, mildly beautiful over there {and at the time, it was foggy & cold in the city!}

i also got a nice view of that OTHER bridge from tracy & mike's apartment. is this ridic or what?

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Katie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! LOVE the picture of you... beautiful!!! :)