Tuesday, May 31, 2011

calling sf bloggers...

want to hang out on july 30-31?

can we talk about how excited i am for this? 2 glorious days of bloggy goodness, photoshop trainings & retouching tips, and obviously meeting creative, amazing people!

it's taught by photographer Angela Kohler {amazing work} Bri from Design Love Fest {a fave blog, clearly}. hello crazy talent in one room. you even get your portrait taken by angela, which is basically worth the price of admission!

the tipping point for me was watching this video and wishing i was there the whole time...

check out more details right here, and let me know if you're coming!

Monday, May 30, 2011

official san francisco guide : bottomless mimosas.

as you can tell from the title, this post covers a critical subject. san franciscans LOVE brunching, and a high priority for any weekend occasion has to be bottomless mimosas. these bevs turns your lovely hour-long brunch into a 4-hour giggly bubblefest of girlfriends, new friends, music, and then probably some ill-advised shopping at nearby boutiques. it's the best.

here you will find a guide to the best bottomless mimosas in san francisco, with all the crucial details. if you're a local or a visitor, definitely try these out!

LIME : the mothership.
lime is an sf rite of passage, and its stories are legendary {and reservations hard to get}. imagine a white-clad club with pink lights, booming hip hop, dancing, and party-goers...all in the daylight. you can dance next to your table, make friends in the bar, and enjoy $7 bottomless mimosas {or $12 bottomless bloody marys} all day.

Fresca : the parent pleaser.
if your 'rents are in town, consider taking them to fresca on fillmore for some delish peruvian brunch and a $12 bottomless to accompany. bright interior, older crowd, and super tasty. browse the fillmore shops after or catch a movie at the clay theatre.

The Republic : the sports bar.
the republic {formerly jones' sports bar} features dark wood interior and walls of flat screens, so you can get your mimosa on while you watch the giants or some football playoffs. great food & service, and there is no end to the $14 bottomless. we went here on sunday and stayed for 4 hours. totally normal.

Harry's : the bellini.
good ol' harry's flips the script with a $10 bottomless bellini, for those of you who want to get extra sophisticated. they cap you at 1.5 hours, but still enjoyable.

Eastside West : the triangle bar.
stop by eastside west for a $25 brunch, which includes an entree and bottomless mimosas. the location in the triangle {fillmore street's bar heaven} keeps the promise of a day full of ill-advised bar hopping and revelry.

Don Pisto's : the hidden gem.
don p's is a hardly-marked gem hidden in north beach, featuring $15 bottomless sangria and $12 bottomless mimosas. the delicious mexican food comes with great service and a relaxed vibe, with brick walls full of modern art and long wooden tables. guacamole + sangria + mimosa = heaven.

Bullitt : the polk streeter.
if you prefer the scene of polk street in russian hill, bullitt offers a $15 bottomless and a menu of great food {try the fries!}. it's dark inside, more bar than restaurant, but does the trick.

Circa : the dirty.
circa is the place to go when you can't get reservations at the others. you will likely be sitting aside two 21-year-old girls visiting sf for the first time, who have clearly been out since 10pm the night before, hair akimbo & ke$ha-esque heels set off to the side under the table, while they recount how many shots they had and which guy they made out with. sounds fun, i know - haha! tune them out and enjoy the good food {prepared by a top chef contestant from a few seasons back} and the $12 bottomless.

did i miss any of your favorites?

Friday, May 27, 2011

happy friday!

good morning loves! i am working from home {my favorite thing on earth} today, so there's a lot of penguin pj pants & fun music happening while i'm busting out work before the 3-day weekend.

are you doing anything exciting? i'll be mourning the loss of buster posey, brunching with the girls, and helping cody move on monday. yippee!

see you next week with some fun new photos.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

post-wedding brunch.

let's discuss the best possible thing you can give your hungover, feet-hurt-from-cutting-a-rug, about-to-travel-500-miles friends after your wedding:

yes, kelly & chris arranged for the food of the gods, aka an in n' out truck, to grace the resort where were staying for the morning-after brunch. genius, i tell you!
we clearly enjoyed this, especially nandini {who is visiting from india where, and i quote, "i can't eat beef because cows are sacred! I WANT BEEF"}
they really are the best hosts ever! we love the new mr. & mrs.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

wedding : kelly & chris

so, perhaps i'm biased because she's one of my besties, but i happen to think that kelly's wedding is one of the most beautiful i have EVER seen. i tried to sneak as many photos as i could without shirking my bridesmaid duties, and i love how they turned out!

we got ready at the house she grew up in, which is also where the reception was taking place. sooo father of the bride, don't you agree?

the room where we got dressed in the church had humongous stained glass windows. such a neat backdrop! and kelly's amazing dress is vintage, and was worn by 2 other family members. so special.

bridesmaids in a church bathroom...

...no ceremony pics, as i was standing up front by the bride. ;)

while the bridesmaids watched kelly & chris take photos, the groomsmen posed for match.com profile pics... 

when their photog took a quick break, i snapped a few posed shots: 

our flowers were perfect. 

and now, the ridiculous reception. kelly & her planner did such an amazing job making sure every detail was perfect. can you believe this is her childhood backyard??

every table had a postcard from a place important to their relationship, with a story on the back.

cake & desserts:

first dance was to roy orbison...cute.

me & cody: 

brent & danelle:

best man and MOH giving speeches {i cried, naturally}:

the photobooth was out of control. we fit 12 girls in there at one point!

ahhhmazing mexican food {this is my before & after}.

a live band, and a little bit of dancing. ok a LOT, and dance-offs.

a perfect evening.

and the last picture i took...sweetness.

Monday, May 23, 2011

wedding preview: kelly & chris

i spent the weekend in san diego, bridesmaid-ing it up for one of my best friend's weddings to the love her life. :) here are a few of my favorite photos from my phone on the wedding day - so many more gorgeous shots to come! kelly was the perfect bride.
{sidenote: isn't it crazy how iphones can take such beautiful photos? it was so great to keep my phone handy and not need my huge camera all the time...}

Thursday, May 19, 2011

bossypants & an SNL story.

i am almost done with tina fey's "bossypants", her new hilarious memoir full of childhood stories and her days with SNL and 30 rock. if you're even remotely a fan of those 2 shows, you will likely let out a snort or two. no judgment.

she focuses a LOT on the first episode of the 2008 SNL season - which i happened to see live! i don't think i've written about it here, but it brought back so many great memories.

i worked in VIP touring for ticketmaster at the time, and was absolutely obsessing over michael phelps {this was the september after the olympics}. my amazing boss surprised me on a friday afternoon, asking me if i was available to take a flight to new york the next day. i assumed it was for work, but nope: she was sending me & julia to the show and to a gorgeous suite at the london nyc hotel. amazing!

we got there with approximately zero time to spare, changed into formal gear in the laguardia bathroom, and made it to rockefeller center. we were wristbanded and threatened with death if we took any pictures  
{...note my pictures below, including a security guard}.

my favorite picture is of the set, which i snuck by pretending i was checking my makeup in a mirror with my purse on my lap. rebel! jason sudeikis warmed up the crowd {wearing basketball shorts} and we got excited to see lil wayne and my swimmer bf.

we didn't know it at the time, but we were about to see the dawn of one of my favorite SNL characters ever - tina fey as sarah palin. please relive the glory here.

it was weird because everything was approximately 100 times funnier in person. i mean, i like SNL, but every week there's probably only a skit or two where i actually crack up. this was like, hit after hit. i will attribute this to the high of being by michael phelps' testosterone or something. this episode also featured our faves cathy & kristen wiig doing her "i said WE!" thing {which doesn't exist online, sadly}.

post-show we enjoyed nyc for a night:
the next morning we strolled central park, shopped on 5th avenue, met some of my girls for lunch at bryant park, and then had to fly home. whirl. wind. {of amazingness}.