Thursday, May 19, 2011

bossypants & an SNL story.

i am almost done with tina fey's "bossypants", her new hilarious memoir full of childhood stories and her days with SNL and 30 rock. if you're even remotely a fan of those 2 shows, you will likely let out a snort or two. no judgment.

she focuses a LOT on the first episode of the 2008 SNL season - which i happened to see live! i don't think i've written about it here, but it brought back so many great memories.

i worked in VIP touring for ticketmaster at the time, and was absolutely obsessing over michael phelps {this was the september after the olympics}. my amazing boss surprised me on a friday afternoon, asking me if i was available to take a flight to new york the next day. i assumed it was for work, but nope: she was sending me & julia to the show and to a gorgeous suite at the london nyc hotel. amazing!

we got there with approximately zero time to spare, changed into formal gear in the laguardia bathroom, and made it to rockefeller center. we were wristbanded and threatened with death if we took any pictures  
{...note my pictures below, including a security guard}.

my favorite picture is of the set, which i snuck by pretending i was checking my makeup in a mirror with my purse on my lap. rebel! jason sudeikis warmed up the crowd {wearing basketball shorts} and we got excited to see lil wayne and my swimmer bf.

we didn't know it at the time, but we were about to see the dawn of one of my favorite SNL characters ever - tina fey as sarah palin. please relive the glory here.

it was weird because everything was approximately 100 times funnier in person. i mean, i like SNL, but every week there's probably only a skit or two where i actually crack up. this was like, hit after hit. i will attribute this to the high of being by michael phelps' testosterone or something. this episode also featured our faves cathy & kristen wiig doing her "i said WE!" thing {which doesn't exist online, sadly}.

post-show we enjoyed nyc for a night:
the next morning we strolled central park, shopped on 5th avenue, met some of my girls for lunch at bryant park, and then had to fly home. whirl. wind. {of amazingness}.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I have heard so much about bossy pants, I think I am going to have to read it. Looks like you had a blast! great photos :)