Friday, May 6, 2011

for my mama!

the hardest part about living sooo far away from the fam {well, until the parents get to tahoe for the summer!} is missing days like mother's day! so, in lieu of my presence, i made a little e-card for my mom with a short list of things we love about her.

and yes, i put words in my family members' mouths. don't sue, please.
i love you tons!


Mom said...

Love the card Sweetie! We'll be thinking of you on Sunday!!!

Mom said...

The best present arrived on my doorstep today!!!! I can't believe you pulled this off Kel! So glad to have you HERE in Texas!

Julie C. said...

Very cute! I agree with them all! Happy Mothers Day Marcie and Katie and glad Kel is there to spend it with you!

Ashley said...

hahah this is AWESOME! I randomly just found you :) lovvve the colors on your blog sista!

rebecca said...

no way. this would make my mom so happy! i'm sure yours was very proud.

jenny said...

oh my goodness... this was the cutest idea EVER!!!!!!! LOVE it! Best cookie maker!!!