Monday, May 30, 2011

official san francisco guide : bottomless mimosas.

as you can tell from the title, this post covers a critical subject. san franciscans LOVE brunching, and a high priority for any weekend occasion has to be bottomless mimosas. these bevs turns your lovely hour-long brunch into a 4-hour giggly bubblefest of girlfriends, new friends, music, and then probably some ill-advised shopping at nearby boutiques. it's the best.

here you will find a guide to the best bottomless mimosas in san francisco, with all the crucial details. if you're a local or a visitor, definitely try these out!

LIME : the mothership.
lime is an sf rite of passage, and its stories are legendary {and reservations hard to get}. imagine a white-clad club with pink lights, booming hip hop, dancing, and party-goers...all in the daylight. you can dance next to your table, make friends in the bar, and enjoy $7 bottomless mimosas {or $12 bottomless bloody marys} all day.

Fresca : the parent pleaser.
if your 'rents are in town, consider taking them to fresca on fillmore for some delish peruvian brunch and a $12 bottomless to accompany. bright interior, older crowd, and super tasty. browse the fillmore shops after or catch a movie at the clay theatre.

The Republic : the sports bar.
the republic {formerly jones' sports bar} features dark wood interior and walls of flat screens, so you can get your mimosa on while you watch the giants or some football playoffs. great food & service, and there is no end to the $14 bottomless. we went here on sunday and stayed for 4 hours. totally normal.

Harry's : the bellini.
good ol' harry's flips the script with a $10 bottomless bellini, for those of you who want to get extra sophisticated. they cap you at 1.5 hours, but still enjoyable.

Eastside West : the triangle bar.
stop by eastside west for a $25 brunch, which includes an entree and bottomless mimosas. the location in the triangle {fillmore street's bar heaven} keeps the promise of a day full of ill-advised bar hopping and revelry.

Don Pisto's : the hidden gem.
don p's is a hardly-marked gem hidden in north beach, featuring $15 bottomless sangria and $12 bottomless mimosas. the delicious mexican food comes with great service and a relaxed vibe, with brick walls full of modern art and long wooden tables. guacamole + sangria + mimosa = heaven.

Bullitt : the polk streeter.
if you prefer the scene of polk street in russian hill, bullitt offers a $15 bottomless and a menu of great food {try the fries!}. it's dark inside, more bar than restaurant, but does the trick.

Circa : the dirty.
circa is the place to go when you can't get reservations at the others. you will likely be sitting aside two 21-year-old girls visiting sf for the first time, who have clearly been out since 10pm the night before, hair akimbo & ke$ha-esque heels set off to the side under the table, while they recount how many shots they had and which guy they made out with. sounds fun, i know - haha! tune them out and enjoy the good food {prepared by a top chef contestant from a few seasons back} and the $12 bottomless.

did i miss any of your favorites?


MVP said... I an alcoholic? I seem to have been to EVERY place listed here...and with you! Maybe we both are...heh.

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

oh i know...sort of embarrassing/awesome to tell the world how much we love sunday funday. ps...good thing i edited the lime pics i posted! ;)

JenJen said...

I want a mimosa NOW!

blogger said...

Hey I just ran across your blog - love these San Francisco tips!! Keep 'em comin! :)